EZ WordPress Setup 3.0

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In this updated screencast, I show you how to launch a self-hosted WordPress blog in 20 minutes or less. You don” have to have any technical expertise. I keep it simple and walk you through the process one click at a time.


Natural Caramel Beauti says:

How to set-up your own blog!

Felix Castro says:

You’re losing a lot of money on the table with this video.. I suggest you
put your aff link in the description 😉 

Helen Pei says:

I just want to thank you SO incredibly much for this clear and concise
video, it helped me create my first ever self-hosted blog with no
complications whatsoever. Thank you!!

Jola Lyson says:

Extremely helpful! Thank you so much! I have just created my first blog
ever using your video. I really appreciate your tips at the end 🙂 Great

Uchiha Kaiser says:

how can i add a chat on my blog?

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