How to Add a Login | Logout and Register Link to Your WordPress Menu Navigation

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How to Add a Login | Logout and Register Link to Your WordPress Menu Navigation

In the video I am going to show you how to add a Login | Logout and Registration Link to your WordPress menu navigation. This installation will show you how to add a Login | Logout Link to your WordPress menu navigation. BAW Login and Logout links are easy to add to your WordPress menu.


hidayanour says:

Awesome ! thank you sooooo much !

giltms5 says:


Hamza F says:

Dear seth,

Thank you for the video, they are really helpful but can you please add a
sort of numbering to the video so it would be much easier to find the video
aeasier to find a specific video a subscribe may want to watch and the
videos that follow.

thank you so much.


ChessPlayas says:

wtf the register is a basic login

ஹெல்த்கேர் ராஜா says:

Thanks sir today i learnt this lesson.

nadir abbas says:

pluygin is not showing

medo ramahi says:

yaaaaaahoooooooo :)

Café Points says:

Thank you. Very helpful.

Lee Roesner says:

perfect thanks

David Peyton says:

I’m trying to understand a bit more about this plugin. Does this actively
work with a database? It would make sense that any user registering their
information will be added to the database. Thanks

Adam Piepkorn says:

When you logout it goes to a generic wp login page. How can I get that
page to look like the rest of my site?

C. Cimek says:

But why do you prefer to download the zip instead of downloading from the
admin panel? is it better?

Engage Tutorials says:

Wow, great tutorial!

Seth Riley says:

For what?

russel punio says:

how to register?

Seth Riley says:

Thats awesome to hear that I have helped you come one step closer to your
entrepreneurial dream! Happy to help my friend…

Spiizylina says:

How can you do so it costs to register?

Nelson Steffens says:

Thanks Man. Your video helped me out…. couldn’t find a plugin
myself…… but you led me to the perfect one. Thanks!

German Cuartas says:

your video explanation and the plugins you are using are just amazing.
Thank RIley. Before I didn’t know anything about and now I want to show you
the results. visti hermantrading – c o m and you will see the login page I
have created thanks to you and the menu login loguot menu option

Seth Riley says:

Sweet Darin, I will defiantly check it out buddy!

Seth Riley says:

Thanks man. I plan to make a lot more video tutorials for WordPress.

Seth Riley says:

DO you mean restrict access to all pages on your site and have the visitor
redirected to the login page before the can see the content? If so you will
need a membership plugin for this

Darin Simonson says:

I am a web designer and I just made a series of video tutorials for
wordpress. WP developers say that this is the most complete wordpress video
series ever. I posted a sneak peek from the training on my channel. check
it out…

Steven Semeraro says:

Another great video. I’ve used several and they work great. One question.
The registration menu item created by this plugin takes you to the login
form. You have to click register on the form to go the the registration
page. Not a big deal, but going straight to the registration page would be
better. Is there a simple way to make that change?

Seth Riley says:

You can use the Registration link provided by this plugin to add to your
menu tabs. It will take you straight to the registration page my friend. If
you are using a redirect plugin you may have to config it different. But by
default the Registration link will take you straight to the Registration
page! 🙂

Seth Riley says:

Awesome! Glad I could help my friend…

JJ ceo says:

Can you some how make a page that wont let anyone that is not logged in?

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