How to Add a Redirect Link to Your WordPress Login Page

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How to Add a Redirect to Your WordPress Login Page

In this video I will show you how to add a login redirect to your WordPress site. Using Peter’s Login Redirect Plugin this can be easily accomplished.


Rocio Patricio says:

thank you so much!

assiene paul says:

thanks man. very good stuff . i like it

ronnie j says:

Great tutorials ,

Asha Sundararajan says:

Hi Seth:
Thank you very much for your efforts. Between the BAW and Peter’s Login, I
finally am redirected to the correct page. Appreciate your efforts

daisymae says:

I have downloaded BAW and peters and other plugins, am still stuck as to
getting pages to work. what am I not doing to get the members pages to

Seth Riley says:

Well, you can set your static page options: You could add the login page as
your home page. So when people come to your site they will see the login.
You don’t have a scripts in-place to keep people from seeing specific pages
so your best bet is to get a membership plugin and then deny access to the
page you don’t want them to see. (Unless they are logged in of)

Thefuckingtutos says:

hello good morning, I wanted to ask you about, as it does for you go into
their website, appears Logon?

Seth Riley says:

I would actually suggest using “Akismet”, this is the perfect spam tool for
Wordpress. If you really want a Captcha on your registration then you
should be able to Google something like this and find it! Registration
Captcha For WordPress Cheers!

Angelo Delola says:

can a member still access the redirect page later on if he log out already,
by copy and pasting the url or not? or if hes not logged in he will be
redirected to the login form?

Morristown Alumnae says:

Seth, you just saved my life! I just built a “members only” page for an
organization that I am a part of and I was having some difficulty on how to
have the members login and get access to this page. I’ve been racking my
brain about the process for months… glad I stumbled upon your video.

Erna Scott says:

Hi Seth I love all your tutorial it is so informative. I am new to Word
Press and still finding my way how to construct my site. My question to you
is Word Press suitable for building a company intranet site to organised
our Quality Management system? Thank you so much……

Romesh perera says:

Hi nice tutorial…very nice…can I ask how to add a captca in the login
area, I am going to redisign a new website for my university lab but I was
wondering how to add a this feauture becouse in the old site they had one
for students to enter to the page and get rseult exam… Thanks a

clement ngoga says:

Hello Seth This tutorial is awesome but i have another inquiry for you. I
have a website and wish it to be an online school. What should i do so that
any one can register in a specific course and have access only on courses
that his registered in and if not the login tells him/her to register
first. Thanks for your help

Martin Wikström says:

Hi! But this thing does not work with the standard WordPress login? Is
“Peters” another form of logging in? How do I then call the Peters login
form, either in a widget or short code.

mohd hafiz says:

Bro seth riley previous lecture you do not show how to make register link
at log in panel. so how to do register link?

Seth Riley says:

Yes they can see the page if they are longed out, unless you have denied
them access using a script.

Seth Riley says:

Glad I could help!

Leroy Abney says:

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