How to Change WordPress Login Page Logo?

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This tutorial explains how to change the defauly wordpress logo in wordpress admin dashboard login page with your own or custom logo image. Just a plugin does it. Upload the logo image through FTP or file manager. Then give the image path in Plugin settings. If you want to remove the logo, just deactivate and delete the plugin.


Booi Videos says:

Doesn’t work anymore, messes up your whole login/register page and now
gives error. How can I fix?

Steve Betts says:

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Haresh Mehra says:

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Langdon Horton says:

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Justin Hammonds says:

This was very informational. Thank you.

mlopez0529 says:

Finally a great easy to understand tutorial! I really liked the fact that
you should me how to change the logo using a plug-in and using FTP. Thank
you, I really appreciate the fact that you gave me options on how to change
that annoying, ugly wordpress logo. Thank you and keep it up!

Militia7 says:

I dont know if wordpress has changed storing the file in admin images
folder, but its not there

Militia7 says:

when I try I get this error: TypeError: ‘null’ is not an object. What’s

fourblogger says:

@BenRacicotTV The size should be 310 *70

fourblogger says:

@mlopez0529 Hi Your comment is awesome more than our tutorial. I don’t see
you in our subscriber list. How did you get our tutorial?

BriefTut says:

lol, it seems funny, y u use plugin for so small thing? simply replace your
this image : yourdomain /wp-admin/images/logo-login.png

Karissa Li says:

So is that mean, if we do the plugin one will keep the custom logo forever
even we upgrade the wordpress?

timebombtshirts says:

For the code rewrite, you will have to redo this every time you update WP.
For technophobes or people that don’t want to rewrite code there is a free
plugin available from:

Ben Racicot says:

Does the image have to be built to size or something? It will not work for
me 🙁

TheDeadGuy100 says:

ahh your voice is so cool!!!!

VolcanicDrum says:

Very good information, nice of you to share, also fun to figure out your
accent 🙂 thank you.

Hafiez Bin Ismail says:


Shade O. says:

Thanks for showing us 2 ways to do this!

fourblogger says:

@ileane Thanks for the comment on changing wordpress login page logo.

Samuel Rodriguez says:

i didnt really understand on how to change the word press picture
dough…do you think you can help me….?

Shane Simpkin says:

Updated now i cant get into admin.

Karissa Li says:

Thanks for letting us know one more way which to active the plugin for
changed logo. But I do believe most people will do the replace one. But
thanks! ^^ Two way for you guys!

BriefTut says:

@fourblogger ya that is true, and there one more problem will be faced by
noobs in matter of dimentions ,

fourblogger says:

@BriefTut If you manually replace the wp-admin lines to change the login
logo, then when you upgrade your WordPress you will lose your logo.

Ben Racicot says:

@fourblogger A 310 *70 logo still won’t work. The file location matter?
Tried it everywhere and it still loads no logo.

DanmarkMaria says:

Finally a tutorial you an actually use. Thanks.

kbee213 says:

Cool..Thanks 4 showing..

Sandford Devin says:

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Red3Series says:

I feel like I just called AT&T customer service … I have no idea whats
going on.

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