How to install wordpress locally with wamp for beginners.

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This video is how to install wordpress locally with the use of wamp server


Arshina Singh says:

still getting a 404 error. i tried a lot of times. what could be possibly

David Coady says:

I have done everything in the video and when you go back to local host I am
getting an red alart saying about the password root with no password and i
did what you did in the video

signiturelady says:

mine isnt working!

coldrock11 says:

u typed the url wrong, lol

EpicWTFGaming says:

Thank you mate! 

Andrew Sylvia says:

enter this to solve the 404 error


Inhee LEE says:

good to install Worpress using Wamp on Windows

Aidan Roberts says:

champion andrew! i was particularly impressed with the calm manner in which
you found install.php… I’d have cursed something chronic after the first
couple of tries :)

ARBawlar says:

Helped a lot. Thanks a lot. I subscribed!

David Sanderquist says:

Thank you, this was very helpful.

sony salma says:

You saved me today.Thanks a lot lot lot (zillion times). 

Hibou says:

Thanks this helped.

gordana kopilovic says:

Thank you very much.I am successfully installed wordpress.

Lucas Joahay says:

thx. Work here.

Jhona Veo says:

Thanks for this tutorial Andrew.

RuzzleD says:

Thanks! Very useful and simple tutorial! 

karan nargotra says:

awesome…..many many thanx

Tracee Murphy says:

Great video! Once I install a theme, how do I set up child themes for local
development via wamp?

specificalyrancid says:

Thank you !

santosh walwekar says:

Thanks andrew. worked fine.

Jaya Mahesh says:

thanks man !! works great !! god bless !!

Joseph Nelwin says:

A 10min video dragged to 21mins…phewww

Oliver Hees says:

Nice Video!

jhopper383 says:

Good stuff. I watched the video, then I watched and installed along. No
issues. Thanks

bhanu mittal says:

thanks alot…but it worked with filename wp-config-sample…

Natalia Hincapie says:

How to install your wordpress that you have already with wamp?

Omkar Nath Nandi says:

How to install wordpress in your pc : How to install wordpress locally with
wamp for beginners.

jim chkut says:

Thank you so much for your video. It does wok for me that I have been
looking for several weeks. 

Daniel Mckissick Jr says:

Thank you!

Ralph Somma says:

Thanks Andrew for the very clear and concise directions. Question: When I
copied the WP files to Wamp/www I did not create a subfolder (as you did
with Rabbit) so now all WP files are wamp/www. What if I want to self-host
another blog or website. Will this create problems? If so how do I move the
folders to a subfolder and make the necessary changes in phpMyAdmin so that
what I have is not destroyed?

Nikunj Bhavsar says:

thanks for such nice informative vdo

Christian Ingle says:

Great! very helpful! thanks a lot.

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