How To Install WordPress Manually – Step by Step Professional WordPress Installation

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This step by step WordPress installation tutorial is for users who want to install WordPress (the most popular blogging software) onto their own web host.

The famous 5 minute WordPress installation is not recommended for security reasons. It uses default settings which is a nice open arms invitation to hackers.

For instance, the default username used in the 5 minute WordPress installation is ‘admin’ and the default table prefix used is wp_

The only disadvantage with installing WordPress manually is that it takes slightly longer. Anything which is fast is not good. Think microwave dinners.

To install WordPress manually, you would need to download WordPress at

You would also need your own web host which I recommend Hostgator for something that’s cheap… (my affiliate link)

And finally, you would need a FTP client to transfer files from your computer to your web host.

I would recommend FileZilla to upload your WordPress installation files which you can download for free here:

If you prefer to get the “How To Install WordPress Manually” in text format with images instead of video, then check out the blog post at:

Alan Cheng

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ShenmueLov3r says:

Hello Alan,

I did everything step by step, but in the end when I go to my new website
URL I get a BlueHost (my web hosting service) blank page. Why? Could you
please help me?

Dazzekiel C says:

Thank you very much for this Alan! Have been doing web design for about 2
years now using programs such as Dreamweaver etc but never tried WordPress
until today. This video helped me so much, I cannot thank you enough.

Oliver Hees says:

Great WordPress Tutorial Alan! Good Work! I have of my Channel a German
Wordpress Tutorial! 

Jayavignesh Reddy says:

Very detailed and precise to the point 🙂 Great work and thanks so much

Desiana Miranti says:

Thanks Alan! Is it right that my second domain located inside the first
domain directory?

Sobahadur Gurung says:

Hi Alan Cheng..!

Thanks for uploading this video..worth to watch it..!

Alex Gonzalez says:

thanks a lot!!!

Eric Sony says:


Messi Allo says:

When I try ur method I get this msg
Sorry,this feature is disabled in demo mode???

TheBlakelab says:

hi alan, i am having difficulty with uploading the files on filezilla. I am
not getting the box where you insert the wordpress files. like how you were
doing for the blogs.

Vincent De Paul says:

hello, I tried doing your tutorial as best as I could
but when I open my account on filezilla, I don’t have a website there, it’s
empt and it only has the ‘cgi-bin’ file
I ignored this and I just went on with your tutorial, but when I went to
check my website, it just says ‘Site is under development” I didn’t get the
‘there is no config.php” message So i couldn’t enter my site

Messi Allo says:

Hello mr Alan can u help me pls
I’m bigger in WordPress can I use fantastico first n then try ur method

Shawn Wallace says:

Great video, worked well. Looking for information to move my site to its
permanent server. I have been using MAMP on my computer to serve as a
localhost while I develop the site. I want to transfer to the server and
have had trouble getting it to work. Any good, current resources are


Josh Kronberg says:

I was having a lot of problems installing WordPress, (not because of this
tutorial, but because of my host), but I finally was able to do the
instillation. However, I skipped the entire “config-sample” edit step, and
I really want to go back and do that correctly. Can I simply do it now, or
do I need to start over completely?

Avishek Gyawali says:

Thank you brother…………this is truly a step by step
instruction….great work!

Rakesh Sunhare says:

thanx bro.

Sterling CeasarBlast says:

Best vid I found yet! Thanks millions.

Makkos Heng says:

i would like you to continue for the next step

mmk says:

It’s a Number one video, to install wordpress on REAL SERVER.
Good Job man! Really professional video.
So if you want to install WordPress on Local Server (LOCALLY), go to my
channel and check my video:)

Joe Bobbins says:

Great and professional video. I am going to try this out, thank-you! Of all
the videos I’ve seen, this is the best one.

Calvin Ho says:

thanks a lot, nice and simple video

En via xp says:

Great video I learned from nothing but I sitll got errors like this:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘*’ in
/home4/xxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/wp-config.php on line 2

Colin De Cristofaro says:


kandrova says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial!

Nick Jerkovich says:

Awesome video, thank you. 

getahon aylin says:

how is work for mac?

Cory Smit says:

Everything went well for me until I got to the part where I go to my url to
get the wp-config file. My web browser sends me to my old wordpress page.
Have I done something wrong?

3salamanders says:

Excellent!!! I’ve wondered how to use for years and you made
even the slightly tougher but more secure way to set up easy to understand.

Wally Armstrong says:

Got this error when I went to my site
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in
/home/xxxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxx/wp-config.php on line 28

Spencer Welch says:

Top notch video.

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