How to Install WordPress on 1and1 – Manual Installation

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Close – This is how to install WordPress on 1and1. At this time, 1and1 doesn’t have automatic installation (click & build only) so you have to manually install WordPress if you want the full WordPress software.

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Brad Saint George says:

This video is brilliant and concise, big mahalos. I’m not familiar or
comfortable with 1and1 yet. Don’t care for what I see so far but my client
has multiple domains with them

To the people who are complaining about some of the information being
outdated… lol just look around in the 1and1, find the control panel,
find the mysql, create a new and Bob’s yer uncle.

Ray Bartee says:

Wow, I thought finally!!!! So I click on this video and of course the very
first step doesn’t work. “click on the My SQL…” nowhere on my 1and1 panel
is there any such think to click on. Did a search in the support area of
1and1 and sure enough there is not any such thing in my 1and1 panel. Maybe
this video is just to old to be of any use today. Back to the drawing
board. Thanks anyway

James Lane says:

Hi there….I get to the point where I enter but it just comes up with the 1and1
domain name has just been registered. I have access to my FTP info on their
site and have uploaded wordpress files from PC to my domain via
Filezilla… any ideas?

spiral4d says:

Thanks. Really informative tutorial – took me straight to where I needed to

spacepiratesarereal says:

Thanks! This helps a lot. More informative than the other tutorials on this

Daniel Chipman says:

Great Tutorial!!

Steven Leibson says:

Worked like a champ, although the 1&1 user interface has changed slightly
in the intervening years. Many thanks!

Benjamin Drolet says:

awesome, thank you

Gavin McCloy says:

This video states 1and1 does not have 1 click installation, they actually
do have since this video was made, it’s called “Click & Build”

onemindesign says:

I cant locate the “gst” folder (4:10)… but i got everything before that
working fine… HELP!

Andrew Harland says:

Many thanks Jeff. Simple when it’s explained. The ‘famous’ 5 minute install
took me 45 minutes, but at least it’s done.

C3Tactical says:

Im struggling with a website transfer over to WP. If i set up a new WP site
and forward my current domain to it will all traffic be directed to the
unfinished WP site or can that be prevented until its ready? Also would you
recommend that I transfer my current domain name across to someone like
Blue Host in order to make life easier to launch the new WP site? Does this
process end up costing extra money? Thanks

Chesley Thompson says:

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Fitmywoodfloor says:

There are issues with upgrading wordpress through the 1&1 Click & Build
application. My next site will most certainly be done through a manual
install..Just thought I’d mention that 🙂

Kurt Margolis says:

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Anthony Sierra says:

Perfect video!! Made my life much easier!! Thank you.

cybertourniquet says:

on 1and! you need to create a directory folder for your website, you can
name it anything.. so the uploader name it “gst” you can use whatever name
you use for your websitre directory

Mike Cowburn says:

Thank you so much. Mike C

Irene Pittari says:

graaaaciaaas! estaba arrepintiéndome de usar 1&1 hasta que vi este video…

mrlatm says:

You the man! Thanks

Graham Todman says:

I’ve always been nervous about doing a manual install, but now I see how
easy it is. Thank very much!

BenTucker82 says:

Thanks a lot mate!!!

Cameron Nicolson says:

Thank you very much, this has helped me 🙂

Gavin McCloy says:

Have a couple of questions, how does the database work? why is it created,
also if you had multiple wordpress installations on various folders on your
1and1 account and point each domain to each installation (which I’m
currently trying to figure out how to do) do you need more than one
database? or do you edit each wp-config.php within each created folder with
the one database?

Craig Blair says:

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