How To Install WordPress On A Mac Easy Tutorial!!!

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Rebecca Stewart says:

This was an awesome tutorial, my only problem now is going back in for some
reason one of my green boxes on MAMP won’t light up. Settings are still
exactly the same, so not sure what is going on. PLEASE HELP

firstflyover says:


Cláudia Correia says:

On my computer it says PHP 5.3+ is required what should I do?

jessicaromero1 says:

Once I type the url (after creating the database and changing the wp
document to the database name, and adding username/passowrd) I get the
error message 404 Not Found. Not sure what I’m missing. What would be
something obvious to look at?

Steve Nzeh says:

Thanks bro!

Nadine Kueng says:

Thanks so much for this tutorial! Frankly, I’ve watched quite a bunch of
wordpress for mac tutorials by now and yours was the first one I
understood. Thanks to you, my blog is finally up and running:)

Pixelify says:

Thanks for this realy helpfull tutorial! :)

Minet Masters says:

Hi, are you able to do a tutorial showing how to make the site live using
MAMP? Thanks!

Jeffrey McDaniel says:

Awesome tutorial. Thanks Alex!

Hungry Fearless says:

Great tutorial! Thanx!

John Peters says:

thank you!

Le Jeune Frédéric says:

Thank you !!!

MrJoeye3 says:


ʎɥsoʞ nuoɯ says:

thanks, you are a smart kid

Dan Guest says:

Great video, Makes installing WordPress very simple and fast.

Erika Ojeda says:

nice alex

Jonathan Riggins says:

You have to also have to delete wp-config-sample.php out of the folder you
created after you save it as wp-config.php or it won’t work

Mykalee McGowan says:


Julie Howard says:

Finally! A tutorial I can understand and it worked!

Andrew Kaye says:

You move we too fast for me. I’d appreciate a slower and more comprehsive

Alexander Martis says:

Awesome thanks man!;D

Jalyn Here says:

Thank you! one of the shortest video i’ve came across. had to pause a
million time to catch up.
setting up my new blog right now and thought to give wordpress a shot.

faced some trouble installing initially. (when i enter the local host link
– 404 error)
did a few things (learnt from the comments)
1. delete the sample.php file
2. ensure that database name is the same as folder’s name.
then it worked! 😀
thanks again!~

MrVote4tibet says:

too fast- you are too smart for me boss-

Steve Moore says:

Really useful. Thanks Alex

Christine Yang says:

Im getting an error when i type my database name in the url. it says “404
Not Found”. How do i fix this?

André Pinto says:

it works fine!! thank you 😉 

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