How To Install WordPress On XAMPP Localhost

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This tutorial is on how to install WordPress on XAMPP.
If you dont know wat XAMPP is the you can read about it here:

To download a copy of WordPress visit there site at:

Intro Song
Artist: Diceman & DNT
Song: Work it for the camera

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69 Studios, Inc says:

Intro song download link has been added to the video description, enjoy! =)

Hassaan Khan says:

thanks dude awesome help much much more to beginners

Madhav Arora says:

Thanks very much!

Gheciu Sergiu says:

ty, now it works

gk greg says:

nice work

aish aish says:

how did he make the first index tutorial installed in xamp, does anyone

jovo54 says:

thanks for the tutorial

julian mesa says:

Hey thank you very much indeed, what a nice video really useful.

@kbgfamily IG:kbgroup says:

can you show how to install xampp also , I am a noob bruh … thanks or
inbox me a direct link for a video to learn

Akhil K says:

mannnn…you rocked it!! nice tutorial…loads of thanks 🙂 would have
been much better if u started off with the xampp
installation&config(especially for noobs) ;-)

Jared Roller says:


Stef Roes says:

He man, nice video.
BTW, what is the intro song?

Syed Saqib Hussain says:

i have done this but now plz tell me how to add my site upl like it is
opening in localhost/mysitename and i want to add url like mysitename,. plx help

joshua alvarez says:

dude does it need to be connected to install wordpress?

Tony Denson says:

This helped a lot Got me where I needed to get to thanks

ian cura says:

great tutorial. thanks bro. big help for me. 

Brandon Estes says:

Thanks, everyone else made it more complicated than it needed to be.

Jon Doll says:

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Viraj Gamage says:

short and sweet..Thanks (y)

69 Studios, Inc says:

No problem, you’re welcome! 🙂

Ahmed Elseoudy says:

can u plz tell me if it would b the same if I am installing the XAMP in
webserver.will it b the same steps ?

69 Studios, Inc says:

Do you have any chat programs such as Skype running???

thebeelz says:

your computer is slow sir.

Steve May says:

I love the Anon theme!

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