How to install WordPress on you Server — Easy Step By Step Tutorial

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Close – Easy Step By Step WordPress Tutorial


FTP Client:

Example Blog:


Loreto Bastías says:

I get lost on the FTP part, is supposed to be my host?. I
sended an email asking for my FTP information, but got no response :S

Pedasi Ocean Lofts says:

I got the protocol from my host and imported into FileZilla. But it won’t
connect to my server at all. It just keeps refusing connection. WTH am I
missing here???

Topgun588 says:

why cant you just use windows explorer’s ftp function?

szeverenyi norbert says:

Thanks mate,HUGE help.

J MTHSN says:

Ive put everything on my server but nothing happens, i get 404 error. And
not the wordpress setup 🙂 

mmk says:

Not bad:)

Jacob Kjærulf says:

i dont get it ? when i type in my domen nothing happens ? it just leads me
to the hoster of my website 

BetfairMarkets says:

thanks! You got me started

Lindsey Pionek says:

Thank you for this video! You completely saved me (and my job)!

Alan Matthew says:

just love you man.. you saved me.. thanks a bunch.

Christopher Ezimoha says:

how do I know which folder to upload to in the remote sever??

Mary Bicknell says:

Thanks! I am going to try this today.

Dexon Dee says:

I upload in FilaZilla but when i type my domen noting happening…I dont
have to create cfg..can u help

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