How to Install WordPress with Cpanel | HostGator Quick Install

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How to Install WordPress with Cpanel | HostGator Quick Install Click here for more WP tutorials & tips: A quick video showing you how to install WordPress in the HostGator cPanel using Quick Install.

How to Install WordPress with Cpanel with HostGator Quick Install

Installing WordPress is a simple matter these days, but you still need to go through the steps correctly, and there are also other steps after the WordPress installation to make sure that your website is sound and secure. The first step to install WP in your HostGator cpanel, is to login to your cPanel account of course, then scroll down until you see the Quick Install icon. Then it’s just a matter of following the steps in the video.

A WordPress installation is made so easy using Quick Install, it’s literally 2 steps and you are done. Make sure that you save your user name and password when you install WordPress!

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HostGator has made using Fantastico for my WordPress installations a thing of the past– Quick Install seems to be a better option. So far, it is always up-to-date with the latest WP version, while Fantastico is usually a version or so behind. And it has installed WordPress smoothly every time for me, so no problems. And since Quick Install lets you choose your WP-admin user name now, there is no reason to use Fantastico.

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Kerim Timirbulatov says:

How to install it in other languages right on ther cPanel, instead of doing
any FTP?

Salvatore Escalante says:

thank u! so easy with this tutorial

Sarah Beth says:

Alright, I’ve been at this for a total of probably 5 hours. I keep getting
to the last step where you’re supposed to click “here” and the new window
comes up. The window that pops up is always blank. No amount of refreshing
or redownloading seems to change it. What’s stopping me from getting to the
final step??

ebizbuzz says:

thanks Mike, you were a BIG HELP :-)

jake michaels says:

hey can you put multiple websites on wordpress? i mean how to you put
wordpress on all of your websites through hostgator? please help

DMMS ­ says:

why don’t you say that it takes up to 48 hours for them to propagate ?

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Kyle Weber says:

I tried this twice and each time when I click the link it says it cannot
find the server

Kevin Khuu says:

I did all your steps however, I didn’t get to the wordpress page. I was
directed to bluehost page because that’s where my domain is currently
parketd. I subscribed to hostgator but my domain is with bluehost. are
they going to transfer my domain over for me or is this something I have to
do myself?

Canberra DJ Hire says:

so they can see any user name in the scripts ? admin or whatever you choose

kathleen mcleod says:

Great, thanks heaps. So simple you are great. 

Canberra DJ Hire says:

well how does a hacker know that you ve used “‘admin ” ?

Melissa Schrank says:

Thanks for the help! Mine didn’t go as smoothly in the last bit because it
may be propagating so it may take 24-48 hours… (just in case anyone else
experiences the same problem). If it doesn’t work after that amount of
time, you can call HostGator and they will help. 

Lak Lim says:

Thanks Mike, helps alot. Fantastico isn’t on my HostGator. The tech support
told me there were issues with Fantastico and it probably won’t be made
available anymore.

Mike Simmons says:

You are welcome Colin!

Mike Simmons says:

Thanks a lot Glen!. 🙂

Mike Simmons says:

I know I’m probably too late to help, hope you got it figured out.

Collin Sampson says:

Thanks Mike, very helpful.

Justin Jones says:

mike for some reason it says it cant find my website please help !

Glen Owen says:


Mike Simmons says:

You bet Lak, glad it helped! 🙂

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