How to install WordPress

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JackkTutorials shows you how to Install WordPress using FTP and 000webhost.

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Robin B says:

After copying the files, i don’t get “create a configuration file”. just
Plz help

Edyy Hamkin says:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_STRING or
T_VARIABLE or ‘{‘ or ‘$’ in
/home/a1176669/public_html/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 2025

greyfox251 says:

Thank you!! 

24mitke says:

Thanks man, great tutorial ;)

Rubi CP says:

“ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server” with FileZilla

erik wahl says:

Great help!!!!! I was doing my website on didn´t know the
difference. wasted work

Kenneth Beckford says:

At 3:47 you said pull the html? then delete the next two files?

kasun tharaka says:

Great thanks !

Joana Shino says:

Hello! I’m having a problem, after I upload wordpress and click in my
domain I dont get the “create configuration file” I just get the usual
error page from 000webhost with all the ads and stuff, can you help? :

Goran Aleksic says:

when l copy file to website and l open from hosting l dont have that config
l only have index of/ what to do?sry for bad english l hope you

Hasnat Babur Raju says:

nice tutorial… please kindly say me the background music name …

Fruitveganful Martenson says:

Can I still use this even though I already have a website through go daddy?
I just want to add a blog to my website

kocisvart94 says:

Could you help me? If I delete the files inside the domain (filezilla)
thing. Then upload the wordpress and try to go into my domain I can’t,
because It only makes me logout on the website. I need to keep those files
beside default.

If I keep the files I only get to a website where it says Index of /

zubaid ur rehman says:

My wordpress account should not be activate

Montserrat Xilotl says:

I got a message saying that I am missing a wp-config.php file. When I click
configure however the screen goes blank and does not send me to the
wordpress page.What should I do?

Yola Grant says:

how do you get back to it after you already did all of this?

whiteflares1 says:

Thanks voor your clear explanation, got me started! :)

steve tagg says:

After download I cannot copy the wordpress files to Filezilla. in fact when
I open the wordpress folder I get a whole list that doesn’t look like the
list shown in your video.
Where am I going wrong?

Keith Flynn says:

Hey Jack, i done exactly what you said three times and when i log out of
the wordpress site i can’t log back in again. Do you know what is

ViceBite says:

Thanks Jack

David Marsh says:

Brilliant, many thanks, the best I’ve seen

Ahmed Khalid says:

thanx dude u helped me so much :)

Lovacioo says:

very good and helpful, thanks

Christian Gill says:

Thanks God there’s people like you!

Mahlomola Masiloane says:

Connection attempt failed with “EAI_NODATA – No address associated with
Error: Could not connect to server

Mohammad Reza Rahmanian says:

چگونه وردپرس را نصب کنیم ؟؟
با این آموزش سایتی را برای خود راه اندازی کنید …

vadim Dodan says:

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Daniela Mancilla says:

It was really helpful. Thank you for sharing!

triple6 says:

so wait what is word press ? like whats the point of it ?

Arnold Bertens says:

Thanks for the video, although…

I read a comment: “So lost without this video…”, well I am lost with this
video. You are running through this so fast, that I am watching it for the
7th (!) time now and still have no clue.

Great effort though.

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