How To Login To WordPress Administration On Your Website

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Above is a link to the tutorial page for this video.

Logging into WordPress is very easy once you know how, this is a very quick tutorial to show you exactly how to login to your own WordPress installation.

For more tutorials and help with WordPress check out, there is a direct link below:


Zayna S says:

Thanks for uploading! Just what i was looking for!

fr2632 says:

Thank you for this. But how do I login from my LAN when your website is
hosted in your own home server?? I tried to fill in the internal server
(Debian OS) ip address: and
but still get the 404 page not found.. can u may help me on this? The
wordpress is already installed and the website is working fine… from the
outside of my network… thanks!

Leroy Abney says:

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use of wordpress. WordPress developers agree that this is the most complete
wordpress course of 2013. I uploaded a sneak peek from the training on my
channel. check it out.

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