How to make a WordPress multi-site installation in 3 simple steps

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In this tutorial, I show you how to set up your default (self-hosted) installation as a network of multisite installation. For more info, go to


Shafiki Sseggayi says:

I have one problem. I created a new site, like your testsite. But if I want
to go to it’s dashboard, I just get to the webpage without a dashboard. So
I can’t do anyting to it. What do I do?

Samia Wyatt says:

OMG! You just made my day.
Thank you so much!

Hege Royert says:

I just manged to set up a second site following your tutorial. Thanks!! For
some reason the controll panel for the new site is not showing: Page not
found. Do you have any idea what could be wrong?


Thank you. You help me a lot..

Mr. No Days Off says:

Everytime I try to open my test site that I created it doesn’t let me see
it? it says it cant fins the server why am I seeing this I followed each
step correctly. Any idea why

Micke Leon says:

Friggin awesome tutorial dude, thx !

Holly Mattson says:

Thank you so VERY very much. I don’t know how many times I have read these
instructions, it was much more simple after you demonstrated how. thank

Sandra Scione says:

Thank You for the amazing information – it worked perfectly!!!

KAreem sha says:

MultiSite wordpress

Jeff Schout says:

Hi, first of all thanks for making the video. I completed all the steps,
but when i go in the admin panel to: My Site -> “name of my website” ->
Dashboard i get the following massage: “NOT FOUND The requested URL
/wp-admin/ was not found on this server.”
I Hope any can help me cause i dont know what i did wrong.
Kind regards Jeffrey
PS sorry if my englisch is not so good

benru820 says:

does it need to be registered domains the additional sites i will install?

Ben Grieve says:

Disregard what I just said. You skipped out on the first step. When I moved
to the second page, then I saw what you showed us. Perhaps you should have
shown that step? It was a pretty important one.

huiyuan aw says:

remarkable speech ,thanks for sharing,
hi asliving ,
do you have any tutorial teaching how to merge 3 or more themes into one
themes ?

thanks you 

Giovanni Juliao says:

Hi, great vid. what about the codes?
Where can I copy and paste it? in my dashboard they dont appear!!

Ben Grieve says:

My network setup looked different. I’ve done this before locally and I had
to add all that code but for some reason now that I’m trying to do this
with Hostgator, it doesn’t ask me to add any of that code. I assume this
had to do with what I did before making changes to the config file. I
created a subdomain through the cpanel called *.

Malvolyn says:

Greatest wordpress multi-site tutorial.Thanks.

David Roberts says:

Right on! Thank you for the help!

Christopher Houghton says:

Very helpful! Do you have any videos whoing how to install themes and
plugins to a wordpress MU?

Telmo Silva says:

hi there friend, you realy made a very cool and easy video! I will use this
to make my second website with wp.I only want to ask you one thing, i
already have a wp website, online using filezilla. I want to know, can i
use filezilla for a second website? And if i can, can you explain me how? I
think i can´t have them both running at the same time…and i have my wp
files on filezilla running with my 1rst website, so if i change the
wp-config.php folder for multiple websites, will that affect it?

Arts Period says:

Thank You. You made a very frustrating process easy. cheers:)

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Jason Nellyer says:

In your video you show to create this in config.php:
define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true); however, current installation has this
above the happy blogging line; define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, false); So, all
a user needs to do is alter it from false to true. Otherwise they could end
up with a true/false argument meaning the “network setup” command will not
show in wordpress.

Carlos FAS says:

this was very helpful, thank you. How can i attach a domain to one of the
subsites so it’s not mywebsite. com/newebsite and instead is mywebsite2.
com for example ?

peggo says:

Oh.. thank you so much.. it’s was so clear… and bwt I’m not sure if wp
now i’t simplest or what, but the 1st step (blog.dir) it didn’t appear but
at the moment to set the other files works fine anyway… thank you really
so much for your well explanation.. 🙂

Enlighten Together says:

You are a sweetheart. Much web love.

Telmo Silva says:

will that affect the 1rst website funcioning? Thanks! Great video once
again! xD

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