How To Make a WordPress Website – AMAZING!

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Learn how to create a $2500 wordpress website in 1 hour step by step with no knowledge of how to make a website necessary. This tutorial will show you each step how to build a website from getting hosting and installing wordpress to choosing a theme and creating a logo.

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This will show you how to also create a mobile website that will work well with creating your business website.

If you got your domain name from some where else besides hostgator looks at this tutorial:

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Luis A. Colon says:

Great video!

Craig LaBruno says:

Love your vdeo. I’m in the process of creating my website. One quick
question though about your video. i want to use the Black Studio TinyMCE
widget so I went and installed the plugin and then activated it but when I
go back to ny dashboard the widget isn’t showing up where I would click and
drag it to one of the home widgets. am i missing something?

Paul Michael Bales says:

I enjoyed your video but your website looked pretty basic theme wise, can
it have much better themes? Also can these WordPress websites be used
commercially with paypal etc on them and selling stuff for example ebooks
on them? Can you do everything that you can do on a normal website or is
wordpress limited?

Jade Jackson says:

So I just order a custom domain and everything for my blog and for some
reason when i began trying to develop my website every time id go to the
domain name or url even with after it IT NEVER WORKS. it says
my page is non existence !!!! HELP!???

purtoy2009 says:

Oh noo, when i changed my domain to http://www., i got an error, please help!

Royri Pastrana says:

Do you have tutorials in how to change the theme colors, and how to work
with e commerce websites? 

Diana Le says:

Hi Tyler,
I purchased the theme that you suggested for me. I went to your blog to
purchase it. Just let you know. Thank you.

Soham Chakraborti says:

Hi, when i change permalinks to post name from default the pages give 404
error .

Hugo Brutus says:

I see all my older domains in the quick install but not the 2 I just
bought. Is there a wait period?

Brian Reese says:

Excellent video, but how do you change the colors of the header, and other

Bobby B says:

Great tut…motivated me to created my own website. I am a photographer and
need to have a logo on top and then about 10-15 pics below…and also few
pages like contacts, about…if you have any thing on that [for photography
website] will be of great help…Thanks

Dapo Nuga says:

Hey Tyler your videos are awesome and have helped me a lot. i have a
question mate. I already have a baby plan hosting with host gator and i’m
ready to build a second website but it wont let me add another domain to my
hosting? what can I do in this case?

Oxford Nordberg says:

FINALLY!!!! Thank you very much for all the information you shared. You
saved me a TON of $$$$$…. 

Maria Jankowsky says:

Hello ..great video!!! how would I increase traffic or add Google
AdWords?? thank you so much!!!! 

bippity bopity boo says:

Thank you Tyler. We needed a website for my hubby’s new business, I had
never done any website work before so I was utterly intimidated. Your video
made it easy, thank you so much!

mehdi essaid says:

l have waited more than 4 hours and it still gives me error , help me
please !

Jochie Kuif says:

Hi all..loveee the vids…only thing is ..I cannot get te menu in order as
I like to be…pleaseee help…

Sandra Caceres says:

Hi I’m having a few problems with making my website can you help please
I cant see the home widgets 1 on the widget appearance and I downloaded
Black Studio TinyMCE Widget but I cant see it on the available widgets
please help 

lena saji says:

Tyler, could you help me ? I do not have an option to let my users add

Sarrifiable says:

Hi Tyler, great video! Just one question: when you first made the ‘About
Me’ page, it said ‘posted by admin + date + time’ underneath the title.
Like a blog post. How did you get rid of that and made it a ‘normal’ page
instead of a blog page?

Qtizai Enriquez says:

good, God Bless you more! 

Marie Brownlie says:

How do you make a wordpress site that you can give to a client when it’s

Alfonso Vargas says:

How to make a website

Tony Romero says:

Love you man!!! You save my ass…..

Genny says:

Great video. Love the approach on all the steps in order. This debunks a
lot of the mystique about website development. A guy just charged me
$400.00 + a load of firewood to develop a site. Sucks. Can’t change it
because he’s the admin. I’d like to start from scratch, I know I can do
better. Thanks for the video.

imran khan says:

Hi Tyler.
Nice video and your explanation step by step was really very amazing.
As a new to wordpress I just would like to know few things if you have
already videos for that then please send me the links for the same.
1. How to create a dynamic page for product base website.
2. Can we display sidebar on some pages rather than all?
I hope to receive some good advice from you.

dazag12 says:

hi i followed your demo but i have went to change the homepage logo and now
i get a 404 error and and cant load the wordpress project any ideas please
dont want to lose all my work thanks 

Poeta enlaluna says:

help please!, which one is the best to buy hosting and domain, hostgator or

Ronald Hall says:

10000 comments woooow bro!keep up the great work n Godbless…………..

mdxsport acura says:

how you put map on mac

Jeffrey Frankel says:

Hello Tyler I found your video fantastic, I have been able to do most of
what you describe. However one thing goes wrong. At 43 mins you show that
the image goes to the right of the words and replaces the Responsive
cyberchimps image. When I do it with my image and i have tried two
different images the image goes under the words and above the call to
action and the Responsive cyberchimps image remains on the right side. How
do I deal with this?

Srilakshmi Domana says:

That was a lovely video on making WordPress site,I got immensely benefitted
from watching and learning this video.Wish you a great future Tyler

Julie Mitchell says:

Is this tutorial still applicable with the new version of WordPress just
released this week?

Iresh Dilshan says:

hello Tyler. thanks for the video. its really simple, nice and helpful. and
i started doing my own website but i stuked at the beginning. i registered
with WP as a free user without buying a domain as u did.i just wanted to
learn WP without buying a domain.i could see that WP is changed. please do
a video by using a new version of WP as i can see this video is published
in 2012, its bit old isn’t it. i have lots of problems regarding WP.Hope
you can help me with all my questions to develop my website.i have already
given to one guy to develop it and i paid for him. i request you to do a
tour website if you can

mahesh gopireddy says:

great information ……..suggest me a plugins for Share Your Thoughts
and Request An Appointment plugins help me…

Ree Jiang says:

Hi Tyler, thank you for the great intro video. how about if I want my
website name to be an icon, so a small picture file instead of the type-in
text? Can I do it? I’m working for chapter under a non-profit org. that’s
their requirement to have the particular designed name on the website.
Thanks ahead! — Ree

Gary Wilkinson says:

Hey Tyler, great work !! Just wondering if you had any advice when it comes
to making an affiliate website, i have a few affiliate links approved so im
good to go on that end, just not sure when its comes to building the
website, could i use the same concept of what you have just used in this
video or would it be no good… any advice would be great, thanks :)

Carlos Rocha says:

Great Video !!! Loved it Thanks for Sharing

idklh says:

Hi I followed the instructions in the video but can’t seem to remove the
Home page.Would appreciate your help!

Dayna Laitre says:

Hello Tyler,
Thank you very much for your video. I
I wanted to make a website, but I know nothing about this so I tried your
I found it really great but I got locked out after 15 minutes of
I had just changed the www part and now I can’t get back in!!!

Help I’ve tried everything .
It says my username is not valid & my email is not associated with the
account??!! Thank you for your generous help!

CHAKO SantaBarbara says:

Well Done. Thank you! 

erstfiles says:


Abhishek Chauhan says:

You are an Angel Bro…!..

totally appreciated….many thanks

Massi Ravasi says:

Thank you! I thought it is going to be very long and boring but it was made
so great that I enjoyed it a lot!

Aj Dunk says:

how do you remove the smaller navigation menu below the main menu? if you
go to another page below the main menu it has navigation back to the home
back. ex: home>contact me

Jose Mata says:

+Tyler Moore Im having a problem opening up my admin wordpress it keeps
giving me an error page. Do you know any reasons why this might be

William Johansen says:
dale jackman says:

Re installing a visual editor and getting free graphics from dryicons and
installing them in the widgets things seem to have changed since the video
was made – wordpress seems to have a visual editor already installed and
dryicons now seems to charge. I searched for free graphics on google and
downloaded a zip file and attempted to use the wordpress visual editor to
install its graphics but cant get it to work. Would you be able to go
through updated steps to do this?

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