How to set up a WordPress Website using GoDaddy

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This video shows you each step of the process to get a WordPress website or blog up and running in 5 minutes. Use my GoDaddy code “WOWEPR” to get 35% off of new orders This will take you through the process of searching for a domain name, purchasing that domain name, setting up WordPress specific hosting, connecting the domain name with the hosting plan, and initiating access to your website. All functions are completed on GoDaddy.


Lindsey Glorioso says:

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the great video. Was wondering, is it possible to take a
site/blog that’s already built in WordPress and then connect it to GoDaddy?
Friend of mine has an existing site on GoDaddy (with their website builder
tool) and we’re building her a new site which is currently sitting at a . URL. Can I use the steps in your video to connect the new
wordpress site to the godaddy domain and hosting or will it erase the
changes we’ve made?

Jeffrey Caraan says:

hi erik, i have purchased a domain at godaddy a few days ago. should i
purchase again at godaddy a web hosting?

Stan .cnet says:

Sign up for hosting first and they will offer you a free domain name!

Tamika Amelia says:

This was EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you!!

Soraya Atoraya says:

Thank you very much i really like it i was searching many days for this

Erik Rostad says:

What platform did you use to build the original website?

Daniel Kanelous says:

if u already have a website built on godaddy, is there a way to bring it
into wordpress and then be able to use WP plugins?

Kabir Handa says:

Do I need an already existing wordpress? Or do i create it when I am seeing
up the web webhosting?

Vincent Mungai says:

many thanks Eric

MrFadiPianist says:

I already built a wordpress and put many posts and pages, its all in my
computer… How do I upload it all now to my new hosting? >< What you showed is basically a new wordpress.

Erik Rostad says:

Do you have a self-hosted WordPress blog?

MYCO says:

you are helping me a lot thanks to this video. im just starting to build a
site right now off of godaddy just waiting a few hours like you said right
after i installed wordpress. at the moment editing a theme. is it true its
just copy and paste when editing a website through wordpress? anyway thanks
and i’ll probably go through a lot of your videos beginning today.

Angela Covington says:

I already have a full website created with the web builder but I am not
satisfied and would like to use WordPress how can I do this without losing
my site that I have now. you can email me if you can help

Malorie Beske says:

I just got my first professional web hosting for my first website and I got
it for one cent, if anybody else wants to get it, you just have to go to
HostGator and enter coupon code “1centfeb2013” the coupon code is still
working right now …

Ariel Dumapias says:


joshuamartinez36 says:

How can I add another site to same hosting and can they all have different
logins or should I make a general login for all site? And can I use adsense
etc on my own sites now on wordpress?

Daniel Kanelous says:


Erik Rostad says:

Hello Kabir – you can download WordPress from their .org website and
install it after you have set up your web hosting. Alternatively, you could
sign up for GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting and they will install it for you.

val154 says:

What are the advantages in your experience from getting the delux vs the

Erik Rostad says:

You can either set up email through GoDaddy or by using Google Apps for
business. I suggest using Google Apps for business. If you are using under
10 email addresses, it is free.

TheJcbking says:

i host my websites with

Erik Rostad says:

Yes, you can definitely post videos on a WordPress website without using
YouTube. Please let me know a few more details of what you are hoping to

Rach Kitten says:

So helpful, thank you!

muhudu says:

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val154 says:

Never mind just reheard what you said about 1 vs multiple sites.

sade aguila says:

great video thank you so much to taking the time out to do this. Still a
little confused but this was defiantly a great help

D' Go says:

Thanks, you should post more videos– wordpress tutorials

Erik Rostad says:

Hello Miao – are you creating a WordPress website? If so, you will need to
use Linux hosting instead of Windows hosting. If you are still using, chances are, you are using Windows hosting. You can change your
GoDaddy account to Linux hosting and that should take care of some of your

N. Mansfield says:

I have already created my full website on WordPress now I need to connect a
domain to it..could you give me info on how to do that..I do not want to
create a whole new blog

Miao Wang says:

Hey, it is my first time use godaddy. I bought a domain and hosting. I’ve
update the file which I finished(3 basic pages) and did click
permission button, could you please tell me what is the next step I could
do to finish publish my page. I’m really have no idea at this moment. Do
you know what is the next step I could do? Thanks

Azar Mendoza says:

please forward me the info as well hve an online store set up with weebly
that is on my godaddy but want to update the site so need the same help

peacedoula says:

great video. should i choose the extra $ for ‘you@domainname’? I plan to
use wordpress for the website and not sure if wordpress has that feature or
not? thank you for your time 🙂 n

Haian Liu says:

Useful information!! Just in case you need, web hosting part starts from

Aliva Singh says:

It is a easy step by step procedure

Zames Khan says:

This is really nice video. Here i have gotten many information.

Trish Pulley says:

Miao, you can also call GoDaddy! They have a number for that reason. I did
and they helped me with this step.

puneet sohi says:

Very nice video Eric!

Alex Burns says:

do you have to use web hosting

Robin Kumar says:

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