How to Set Up WordPress in Dreamweaver

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In this tutorial learn how to set up a WordPress site locally for editing in Dreamweaver. Learn how to install a local server (MAMP) set up a database, import your own content and then set up Dreamweaver to test the WordPress site locally.

Links you’ll need:

Example site:

Tip: In Dreamweaver, turn off Display External Files for faster performance.

Additional tutorials will dive more into theming and customizing a WordPress site in Dreamweaver.


Markess A. Wilder says:

Tried the Windows BETA version and it does not seam to allow me to connect
to the local host. Your local host is showing your host number
http://localhost/xxxx mine is coming up http://localhost/MAMP and when I
add wordpress like you did I get a dead page.

I have a MAC maybe I’ll just move over and try it on that one since that’s
what you’re using.

I think it’s IE still not getting the job done even on Windows 8.1



When I get to 4:25 of the video. I am stuck, I already have a user name and
password that I want to use. I do not wish to create a new account. I have
bluehost as my hosting site for wordpress. How can i connect my dreamweaver
to my bluehost servers. I have no idea what to do.

Atefet Kenit Nebt Ankh says:

Thanks for sharing 

jeancy maduka says:

for all windows user please use xamp instead

Rick Wolff says:

You had me right up until “watch carefully.” 

john taam says:

thanks allot very informative????

Krypt0nTech says:

Where did you get the PHP file when you inserted it into Dreamweaver? That
step was not clarified…

Andre Roussakoff says:

This is a mindblowing tutorial, Paul. Work of a genius. This was exactly
the trick that I missed to get my workflow complete. Thanks a lot!

NF Hope says:

I am currently using Dreamweaver CS3. Can you do this with that version,
or do I need a newer version?

Markess A. Wilder says:

I figure it out…. All I needed was the localhost and it found the install
page thanks.

KimcheeX says:

Hello Paul, I was wondering how you can upload these files using FTP or how
to upload the changes back onto wordrpess?

Thank you

Mario Noriega says:

you get it.

Shervon A says:

So just to clarify Paul, every time I create a new WordPress site, I’ll
have to unzip WordPress again and move it to the htdocs folder? And just
rename it to the project I’m working on?

Cassandra Zimmerman says:

Thank you! Very helpful.

Andrew Turner says:

Thanks Paul-

Worked great, though I’ll probably keep a written description as I doubt
this’ll be the last time I do it!

Suggestion: two really helpful follow ups would be your recommended links
1) How to edit the site
2) How to get the site active

I realize for #2 it may just be a matter of replacing everything in a
domain’s /wordpress directory (or whatever the directory may be called) but
I’m not sure if simply replacing everything is the recommended or best way
to do it.


Gary Crossey says:

Awesome tutorial. Tired yesterday to set up the local server a PC (Windows
7), with no success. Then tried today on a MacAir – the set-up was super
easy, without any problems. 

Vargles says:

“dynamically related files cannot be discovered because there is no site
continues to show up and keeps removing the server details once I have
created them. Any help?

HHenley says:

You completely lost me at 5:29 throgh the end. Now I am COMPLETELY STUCK.

Daniel Braine says:

sorry if this is irrelevant but I wanted to know how when one is finished
editing a site with the local server how we wipe the slate clean? like
delete the data from the site on the server so we can start again? :P

Scott Fuerst says:

Thanks Paul !

Eva Bozevniece says:

at the very last part of the video on dreamweaver, i set the server but on
live view i don’t see my page. i see it only on my chrome tab.

john gury says:

I was watching Terry White on Adobe TV, Muse vs. DreamWeaver. Dreamweaver
is more for developers comfortable to do code and Muse is more for
designers. I’m not sure how this WordPress hookup works into the mix. What,
Muse is Adobe hosted and specific? Since I do C/++ Perl, VBA, etc. but
avoided HTML I don’t know, maybe I should just mess with both to feed my
Adobe addictions. 

Viv Q. says:

i was going good until i got to 6:24 you referenced something that you
called “this php file” what php file are you referring to that we should be
opening with dreamweaver?

Arjan Nooteboom says:

great tut!

Spencer Moore says:

THANK YOU so much for this. I wish more video tutorials would be as
well-planned, concise, and effective. All skill no fill!!!! Hats off. 

Project Fortunate says:

Missing zlib extensions ??? stuck at 5:52 importing

Derrick Barnes says:

Very helpful, thanks a lot

dougieladd says:

Hey Paul, thanks for this… I rarely do wordpress related work but it’s
nice to have someone there to show me (again) how to set things up, so
thanks again! Can you do another movie explaining the upload process when
local development is complete please? Then I’ll be set 🙂 🙂 Many thanks.

dportis47 says:

Very helpful, I hate WP however its another tool under my belt =) 

Zach Mayfield says:

I keep getting a message that says “dynamically related files cannot be
discovered because there is no site definition.” Any help?

Kski Music says:

Awesome video! Inspired me to get back to working on that personal website
of mine that I keep putting off.

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