How to Setup a Subdomain Based WordPress Multisite

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Please note there are updated videos:
Setup of a Subdomain Multisite Network
Setup of a Subdirectory Multisite Network

In this video we’ll show you how to get up and running with WordPress Multisite on an existing WordPress Install.


WPKBdotcom says:

In this video we will show you how to set up a “SubDomain based WordPress
Multisite” This process can be a little tricky! We hope that you found this
video helpful! 

Ugo Oliver says:

I think I followed all the steps perfectly well, I was able to create a new
site but the site just didn’t show up…page not found, I use godaddy as my
host and could it be from my host???

Mohammed Karali says:

I created multisite network and subdomain. When i type the domain with www
the website goes fine. However, when i type the domain WITHOUT www, the
page gets failed and says no url found. Pls help me with this issue. I am
trying hard to get this one success for the past 2 days. Site is configured
to www in General -> Settings before installing multisite.

I have provided the code given in “Create a network” page to replace in
.htaccess file.

Arash Kordi says:


I got directadmin. I did set up my subdomain, however, I can not open the
config.php file. How do proceed?

Andre Costa says:

Very thorough! You helped me better understand, very quickly, what my next
steps should be. I appreciate it.

Catalin Baicu says:

Hi WPKBdotcom!
If this tutorial of yours is about setting up and configuring a subdomain
based WordPress multisite! how came you never mentioned anything about the
web hosting configurations like: creating a subdomain or subdirectory or
apending the right directory folder that the domain for multisite resides?!
Also how came you never mentioned anything about the code line in
wp-config.php file where you have to imput this:

It seems to me that allot in this tutorial is missing and therefore I don’t
see how someone (especialy a beginer) would ever successfuly set a
multisite based subdomain wordpress network!!! IMPOSBIBLE!!!

Your tutorial is by far incomplete and that is because you never mentioned
or showed enything about the webhosting environment setup and
configurations that are a must.

Je Fonte says:

Save your time, this video DOESN’T teach you how to set up a SUB.DOMAIN in
WP multisite. 

Sandeep Nepali says:

thanks :D

Ray DeeJay says:

How this video have 10 views ? U saved my life . thanks man <3

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