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If you are new to web hosting, and are looking at a very thorough explanation on how to install WordPress on a CPanel hosting account, then this video should be quite helpful. This video is a step by step guide, including a thorough explanation of the e-mail you should have received from your hosting company and what the information means, how to create a mysql user and mysql database, how to configure the WordPress configuration file (wp-config.php), how to upload the content to your shared hosting server, and how to complete your WordPress Installation and get online.

Here are the links I promised to provide in the video…

WordPress Download –
Winrar Download –
Filezilla Download –

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Malo says:

It says “Error establishing a database connection” when I try and access
the website at 19:27 

vipul dabhi says:

i have install wordpress using Softaculous app which provided in cpanel but
some times my website telling webpage not found and some time working fine,
this happen on subdomain also. please advice me what i need to do .

SergSpace says:

0:47 I still can’t figure out from this phrase how did you get started
exactly? From who you get some e-mail?

Robert Digweed says:

Really useful and thorough video for a noob! I uploaded my files in the
file manager on cPanel rather than using Filezilla.

Maddie Henry says:

My cpanel does not have tabs on it. Any suggestions?

carole chic says:

followed your steps already but at 19:22, when trying to access my web, all
i get is a blank page. What could be the problem? How do i solve this?

Sant Gioia says:

Great Tutorial, only I get a Internal Server Error. Pretty Sure my config
file is ok. Could it be on the hosting side. WordPress Requierement are
PHP 5.2.4 or greater,
MySQL 5.0 or greater,
The mod_rewrite Apache module. Can it be related to the The mod_rewrite
Apache module? if so where can I check this. Thx in advance

Cassandra Sabben says:

Excellent – THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO much! I am a complete Noob and this
totally worked for me (I even made a error config file and had to go back
and fix it but I did, and it worked!!!)

Horn Of Man Media Productions says:

Really helpful. Thanks a lot!

Gus P says:

so this is this like having a wordpress account??? i mean do you have all
the utilities that wordpress provides??

Yesufu Hafez says:

Hey. Nice tutorial. Please can i have your email address? I have some
questions i would like to ask regarding this and website hosting.. Thanks

silvio lončarić says:

great help! thanx man, cheers

CG Jam says:

thanks, great video. just downloaded filezilla after watching this, i have
been uploading files through cpanel’s upload function previously (not the
web pages that would be silly, thats all done though my web software) the
difference in speed is amazing wordpress was done and installed within 10

SSWIFeatured says:

great video, thanks

Ed Klopfenstein says:

Hostgator down for the second time in April…. Going on 4 hours today.
Junk service!

Narendra Ida Bagus says:

Very informative step-by-step. Thank you…..

Wordpress Bay - Themes, Plugins & Tips says:

Great tutorial. It is so easy to install scripts these days using Cpanel.

Bonnie Leibel says:

This was awesome! You rooooooockkkkkk

green thumbs mark says:

Great Tutorial! Thanks :)

Brooke Hankin says:

Perfect! Thank you so much. 

Ceddy Ced says:

great tutorial, really enjoyed how you made it step by step for slower
people like myself….2 Thumbs up and share on twitter!

Senthuran Nadarajah says:

Clear tutorial. thanks a lot

Kithsiri Ekanayake says:

Thank you very much for providing comprehensive details.very much

vesi limani says:

thank you you help me a lot :)

Sam Al says:

Hello mate, First of all I want to say thanks for your help. Second of all,
I followed all your steps exactly the same, however, after uploading is
done, I refreshed my site and it shows nothing but white page with no error
or anything. it suppose to take me word press to sign in and finish
installation. Please help. Thanks once again

Rudolf Buirma says:

Thanks loads Cameron! This was a very helpful video.
You have a very pleasant and clear explaining voice and I had the website
up in no time!

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