How to Setup WordPress Multisite

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This WordPress tutorial was designed to guide you step-by-step through the setup of MultiSite. For more information, tutorials and assistance with WordPress, MultiSite and BuddyPress visit:


Bascettaescobar10 says:

Bendito seas.

Art Di Segna says:

Thanks for the video and clear explanation for installing multi-site. If I
use the Domain Mapping plugin how would that effect the SEO for the sites? 

Haim Avraham says:

I have 2 domains installed on my localhost, and I want to install
multi-site now to add a couple more domains. How do I do that without
deleting my 2 existing domains? Thanks.

Aradhana Chauhan says:

during click on networksetup i get Warning: Please
@wp-admin/plugins.php?plugin_status=active before enabling the Network
feature. i have to deactivate all plugins? if yes then is it possible to go
without deactivate current plugins then guide me.

Codingbank says:

Please give me complete tutorial, it is not complete video.

Luke Seven says:

The best and the most straight forward WordPress Multisite tutorial
video…Thank you

Andrew Duvall says:

so if I have and and they are completely unrelated this
solution is not for me? I don’t need mulitple subdomains or subfolders,
just want to manage two separate site using wordpress.

ranto4 says:

i loved this really! nice and clean both video and explenation! thank you
very much !

dim gomez says:

What about if i wat a multisite network but not with sub domain, but with
domains.. all in the same wordpress
instalation? so i can manage all those sites?

basall1978 says:

Hi there, Great video however I have a quick question if that’s ok. I
already had one site setup prior to setting up multisite. Now when I go to
My Sites I can still see and visit my old site which sites on the root
domain, it all works fine. However, I’ve added a new site within a
subdomain which I can view but cannot access i.e. when I click on Dashboard
for this new site WP simply times out. Is there another step I need to
carry out within WP or in relation to my original Database? i.e. has WP got
confused because I already had one site installed on the root? Any advice
would be very much appreciated, thank you!

Kenneth Hammond says:

Great little tutorial – straight forward and informative – thanks guys

hosein ghorbanian says:

it’s extremely helpful for me than’s me if I’v didn’t watch your totu. I
will should work more long time

Keith McPherson says:

Great overview on the topic. 

gessworld says:

I tried this on my local machine (localhost) and create a sub-folder for
the second site. It didn’t work. When I go to login in the second site, or
go to the dashboard I get redirect loop errors in my web browsers. What
could be the issue? 

Thom B says:

maybe a stupid question…but if i want to use separate domains, not just
folders, does this work? ie and I have a .com and a
.ca of the same domain name and want them both to point to the same
wordpress install.

Bunjamin Kamberi says:

hi, can someone tell me why i dont have “NETWORK ADMIN DASHBOARD”, when i
go to “My Sites”, but it shows me only the previous site that i have worked

Padel Mag says:

Hi, i really like your tuto. but i don’t undestand how to add a website ?

Dario Preister says:

Im part of a direct sales company and Im building a site for my team. Is it
possible to for each team member to have their own site with their
affiliate link for our opportunity on banners within their site? 

Aa Kavous says:

I forgot to say that I am on a Ubuntu server 12.04 localhost setup
.htaccess is edited and working fine. Cheers

DearNadia says:

What if you have a separate domain name for the site and don’t want a
subdomain or subdirectory name?

Aa Kavous says:

Thanks for your great video, it seems that you are the expert in WordPress
MU and so I feel that I am in good hands for my question. I appreciate any
help you can give me.

I have set-up (upgraded) Multi-site on WP3.8 and have done every thing your
video. Network admin is set-up OK and my original site is working fine. I
have added the second site and I see that it is created under its own
dashboard. A “Sample Page” is created and I can go to its edit page but I
can not view it. My question is where is the subdirectory of my new
(second) site? And is it created automatically when I create the second
site or I need to create it myself?
Thanks in advanced and keep it up ;-)

Feni Fauziah says:
Jennifer Brenton says:

Grateful thanks to Joe Foley and for this information!
We are using this, and now I feel comfortable making business decisions
about the technology of starting with WordPress Multisite.
#WPMU #WordPress

WPMU DEV says:

Thank you for watching! For the server error I would suggest contacting Go
Daddy support. Installing plugins on a MultiSite network can be done by
adding plugins to the plugins folder on your cPanel directly or by logging
onto your site and from the dashboard going to My Sites > Network Admin >
Plugins and clicking Add. If you need further assistance we have a team of
helpful staff waiting to assist you on our website. Cheers!

adamjg4 says:

Hi, do you know best ways to setup WordPress for multiple sites on a local
computer. I tried to do it, following the instructions here, on my Mac
using MAMP with Apache, which works fine on a single WP site. Will it not
do multiples on a local machine? I can use WordPress as a single user OK,
and tried to patch it for multi-site usage, but can’t get it to work:
“ERROR: You cannot install a network of sites with your server address

WPMU DEV says:

@Nina Mazeo – I am so happy to hear we were able to help and I hope you
will continue looking to WPMU DEV for all of your WordPress, MultiSite
and/or BuddyPress needs. Cheers!

WPMU DEV says:

@NaturallyFay – Thank you for your kind comment. Glad we could help. Cheers!

Nina Mazeo says:

Thank yo so much! That was total dummie friendly. I suck at coding, but I
really needed to get this network going on my wordpress website and you
really helped me taking me step by step. 😀 (I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF RIGHT

Mohammed Amine Ouriaghli says:

Thank you very much, u helped me a looot 🙂

WPMU DEV says:

Multisite is used to create a network of sites. There are many uses for
this type of setup. An example would be if you wanted to host your own
network of sites like WordPress . com or Edublogs . org. If you are
interested in understanding more about WordPress and/or Multisite please
vist our website found in the video description. You can access thousands
of articles that range from beginner to mastery. I hope this helps. Cheers!

Lucas DeVaughn says:

I have done this on my Godaddy hosting but when I go to the dashboard of a
new site I get a 500 Server Error. How do I fix this? I am also using the
sub directory option. Also how do you add plugins once you have this

kotsidakiasM38a1 says:

Hello! Nice tutorial 🙂 Tell me something please because i am confused. I
need 2 languages in my wordpress with different domain(different TLD). I
create multisite network for start. Is it better to create in two cpanels
or in subdirectory with second domain target the subdirectory. thank you

WPMU DEV says:

@Albracca – Thanks for the kind comment. Glad we could help. Cheers!

Stephanie Fay says:

Exactly the information I was looking for. Very easy to understand…Thank

Albracca Laramée says:

This is really awesome. This tutorial makes the wordpress multisite setup
so easy.

WPMU DEV says:

@kotsidakiasM38a1 – Thanks for watching! It depends on how you want to
manage the different languages on your site. If you are using a plugin to
translate for you then you can put it all in one place. Using Multisite
would be more advantageous if you do not like what electronic translators
do to your content. Because of the limitations with YouTube comments, the
best place for you to get support is on the WPMU DEV website. The DEV
community can provide much more in-depth feedback. Cheers!

Brighty Mighty says:

Can you give me example why we need multisite for? Thanks

Nina Mazeo says:

Thank you guys, sure I will! 😀

WPMU DEV says:

@adamjg$ -Thank you for watching! Because of the limitations in the YouTube
comments section (limited number of characters, no pictures, inability to
share links, etc.) please visit the support section on our website for
help. We have a team of helpful staff waiting to assist you!

Din Afriansyah says:

Bagaimana membuat WordPress multisite?

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