How to – WordPress Install through QuickInstall at

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Quick tutorial on installing WordPress through the QuickInstall tool on your account.
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“Test Drive” by Zapac
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Lászlóné Somogyi says:

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és nagyon sok jó hasznos dolog,ami a két társulásnál, még jobb
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hispanomc says:

after installing wordpress when i click ‘here’ to go to my blog main page
does not load, why?

adcholycross says:

I get through the installation, then when I want to log in to my admin page
I get the error PAGE NOT FOUND. anyone else have this issue? how did you
fix it?

rex filimon says:

how about for blogger?

Penny Burt says:

I get to quick install then wait and nothing happens

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amazingdany says:

Useful, thanks.

How come I only got the change now to Quickinstall even though I’ve been
with Hostgator since mid-2012?

Will Haley says:

is wordpress free

yolo23 pro says:

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Dea Anderson-Banish says:
Lyle Thomas says:

This is bogus. I didn’t see the same boxes, didn’t get a concise definition
as to what/why things go where and now I have two tickets because it didn’t
work. Too fast, don’t explain nothing concretely and messes you up! Same
problem; after open my link, says that the page was not found.

Wiktoria Dygon says:

I got to the part where i have to type in admin and password but instead
got page not found

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Alper Dama says:

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WordPressTutorialNow says:

Understanding cPanel manuals is hard but seeing is easy, thanks for sharing.

Warrick Clemens says:

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Jordan Garner says:

I have an Admin User section that has to be filled out and it’s not on the
video. What do I put?

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offdatgogo says:

Excellent! Thank you.

thepwnclub says:

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Cobey Cobb says:

This was really helpful. Thanks a lot

Chong Wenjio says:

also can you tell me your domain name which you used.

Louis TheNerd says:

Does WordPress show up instantly? I followed your instructions, but it
keeps saying Site Not Found.

frank asiamah says:

i did that exactly but the page can’t be long does it take to

Jayden Huygen says:

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Crysis Fan says:

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Kevin Borling says:

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Harriett Bayes says:

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