Install WordPress Locally On Your Home Computer And Practice Making Your Webpage

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Close Learn how to use WordPress by installing it on your PC without the fear of messing something up. And, you don’t need a domain name or hosting account.

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Wordpress is the most popular web page building software for your blog or web site.

Watch as i show you how to use WampServer to install wordpress locally. It’s quick and easy. Change CSS, PHP, banners, headers and other scripts on your desktop.


Courtney Brazley says:

ATTENTION: if your having problems getting this to work for you try my
updated 2013 tutorial on installing wordpress locally with wamp Using Wamp
And Installing WordPress Locally On Home Computer – NEW Updated Version

Kenny Roc says:

im having trouble creating tap pages locally, when i click on the new page
it state “/wordpress/directors/ was not found on this server”

Mayank Gadodia says:

sIr , i have a doubt
whenever i am uploading a file in wordpress in my localhost ,i get an error
that uploaded file exceeds upload_max_filesize in php.ini. I have updated
the php.ini file in wamp server still the problem persists. I dont know
what to do.Help plz. 

Jonny Smith says:

Hi Courtney, great guide and simply explained. I’ve already got a domain
and blog online with wordpress, what are the benefits of installing
wordpress locally and how do I sync it with my current account/page?

Ida chep01 says:

Thank You!!!

Cassandra York says:

THANKS FOR THE VIDEO!! I set up my WordPress test site successfully! You’re
a fabulous teacher :)

Carolien VL says:

thx !

Nla Freedomfighter says:

Thank you so much. Very helpful.

FillUpMySenses says:

Awesome! it helped me get to the step i was missing!

Carlos Quintana says:

Very useful… well explained! Thanks a lot

blINK Manga says:

yes this helped so much instead of using a free website builder as a comic
artist i wanted to do things on my own. I will make sure I forward this
video and your work once I get my site established. 

Bruce Bush says:

Thanks Courtney! Everything worked out perfectly! I didn’t have a clue as
to how to get this up and running. But I constantly kept reading about:
“WordPress this” and “WordPress that”. So I’ve spent practically the whole
day getting this going, looking for someone who could guide me on the
install. Finally came across your video, and just did what you said. So
thanks a lot! Now it’s time to figure out what all the fuss is about! :-)

Jesse Smit says:


Suzanne Podzemny says:

Thank you! That was amazingly easy!

Matt Dyer says:

Courtney, very awesome tutorial bro – cheers for that. Can I ask a dumb
question? How do I import a site into my ‘offline’ wordpress app so I can
do some editing practice?

stroiane says:

You’re a great teacher. You remember that many people are just learning,
we’re not already experts. Personally speaking, that helps bring me up to
speed faster since I don’t have to spend time looking up info to keep
up.Thanks for sharing.

Kate Katrina says:

When I click one Localhost it says ‘Forbidden. You don’t have permission to
access / on this server.’
I’ve searched for help but nothing seems to work.
I’m using Windows 8.


himani jain says:

Thankss a tonn….it helped me alot :)

An Escape Into Cinema says:

Great video! FINALLY, I can start using WordPress!

Norman Mascarinas says:

great help, thanks a lot!

Ahmad Sayeed says:

Thanx Mr.Brazley, I done my installation. 

Virginia Phillips says:

This is the message that I get when I try to install WP into whamp

500 Error
It appears the website you are trying to visit is having technical
difficulties or is no longer available.

Please go back and try your request again or try searching Google to find
another website with what you’re looking for!

Search Google 

mmk says:

Not bad:)

Ashok Subramaniam says:

Thank you Brazley! God Bless you 

Morgan JT says:

Followed everything … just can’t log in …
It keeps coming up as ‘Invalid Username’ but it’s the username that I just
added … when I went to lost password … fill in the email that I used
… it said there is no user registered with that email …
Suggestion please?
It keeps happening the same thing and this is where I get stuck and can’t
go any further

Alex Udell says:

thank you!!

Anita Potts says:

Thank you, very helpful.:)

SuperTezze says:

Thank you my friend!

Larry Meade says:

Excellent WordPress instructions, Thanks alot! But you said to uncheck
whether or not you wanted your site or blog to search engine friendly. I am
assuming that once you are satisfied with your final results you can then
go back and make it friendly to search engines…. Correct me if I am wrong

Ross Yang says:

thanks a lot 

Andrea Carlton says:

OMG…I am not a tech friendly person and your video is the easiest to
follow…i hope you have one for creating member profiles for social sites

Guy Eshet says:

Thanks a lot Courtney, you saved me some precious time!

Brittany faith says:


Yell Monreal says:

uhmmm do i have to stick with firefox? cause once i install it, a window
appears and explorer is the filename that comes out. not firefox. then when
i opened the php, the google chrome opens and shows Forbidden

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