Installing WordPress on a localhost using Xampp

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In this video, I show how to Install WordPress using Xampp on your localhost.
Download links :
Wordpress :
Xampp :


Santhosh Santhosh says:

thank you so much. it is very useful

aries soto says:

this is very helpful…i hadjust restored and reaccessed my wordpress
thanks a lot

as i lie crying says:

thanks mate!

Vamsi Krishna says:

thanks a lot…………

Deepak Sah says:

great you explain so clearlly it become very easy and simple to install wp


Nice 1 Arjun,that went as smooth as a baby’s bottom, many thanks,keep up
the good work!!

param Sohi says:

@arjun mc Can u please tell which version u r using of xampp on windows 7

Louis vdv says:

Thank you! :)

Cruelvader says:

This works for me, nice and clear explanation.

kavita singh says:

het i got error (http://localhost/wordpress/)

Error establishing a database connection.

please tell me whr i was wrng

Anoop Kumar says:

thanks it,s nice sir………….

chris palmer says:

Wow you are the best. I’ve tried a few ways i found on the web but none
worked but yours. Thank you ! Namaste

Saumya Jaimini says:

hank you so much.. it was abig help to get start with :*

p sekhar says:

Thanks! its very useful.

Anusha Desai says:

Thank you. It was very useful.

Kovacs Hunor Elod says:

Thank you, it really helped. Keep up the good work!

Kevin Mwenda says:

Thanks Arjun May God bless you for elucidating this important topic

JingleBells says:

This is the most lucid explanation I’ve found on installing WordPress –
thanks Arjun, really appreciate it! :)

Mohammad Babazadeh says:

Thanks a lot Arjun

namski2410 says:

Excellent. Was able to follow through and even did a manual config for wp
installation. Many thanks.

Neel Gray says:

Thanks for the easily under described tutorial. Great Job.

Stoica Ion Gabriel says:


Ferenc Takács says:

Thanks for the great presentation, great job!

Joris van Schilt says:

@troy just add more databases maybe?
@ Arjun; thank you very much

TeachingMusicDigital says:

Thanks for including some troubleshooting in this tutorial too

Troy Kent says:

Thanks a lot, man! What would you do if you wanted to test multiple WP
sites locally?

Jose Maria Quilon says:


Gurram Vinod says:


philip rogers says:

Nice, simple, informative, video..Thanks for the time and trouble you took
to make our lives easier -

Katy Rome says:

Thanks, Arjun – this is really useful and everything works exactly as you
say it will. Perfect! :-)

Anastacio Calimag Jr says:

how to fix the Localhost. that’s the xampp http on my pc.. please reply thanks.. 

affie15 says:

The video was extremely useful, much better than the other ones I’ve seen,
thanks a lot. 

Dashzeveg Tserendash says:


Bryan Searle says:

Thanks a lot saved me much trouble

vijay majhi says:

thanks man, you are really a great saviour.. 🙂

Seth O says:

This is fantastic and i love it. good work!

Earlene Prentiss says:

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Aditya Gurwara says:

Thanks alot, this was brilliant and easy.

Aarnout Mettes says:

YOU! are my personal hero. Great work! thank you very much!

Arjun M.C. says:

Sorry for the late reply. For another website just add another folder in
your htdocs folder. To access that folder from your browser you’ll need to
go to localhost/your-folder-name.

Leroy Abney says:

I am a wordpress expert and I created a bunch of video tutorials for
wordpress users. It definitely is the most extensive wordpress training
ever. I posted a sneak peek from the course on my channel. watch it now….

patrick macabinta says:

thank you so much… you help me a lot to install WordPress.. 🙂 again
thank you so much..

Lucas Marcotte Richardson says:

Hey Arjun, Completed the whole install yesterday and everything was working
fine. This morning, when I tried to start MySQL in the XAMPP control panel
I get this : Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly. 9:04:55 AM [mysql] This
may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies, 9:04:55 AM [mysql]
improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method.

Rami Alos says:

Arjun, how can I put my website online? do i just have to buy a domain and
this is it or is it a litlle bit more? 😀

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