Installing WordPress on your Webhost

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I show you how to install WordPress, the great blogging platform, on your webhost. If you are looking for an awesome web host i highly recommend hostican. Check em out at, and if you want to purchase a package with them, be sure to use the referral link below! Thanks.


Chew Mann says:

Thx Elliott. Great tutorial. Got me where I needed to go :)

Yuxiang Hao says:

THX Elliott , it’s very useful

Matt Dyer says:

I mean without adding the ‘demo’ directory to the URL does WP somehow seek
out the install.php? Please let me know dude. I’m kinda stuck…
Great tutorial by the way!

Matt Dyer says:

I’m just confused that you created the ‘demo’ directory but did not have to
reference that in the URL to run the install.php

Angus Steventon says:


Em Mathews says:

super helpful, thank you elliott!

Javkhlan Bayarmagnai says:

you sir deserve a Sub!

Der Unbekannte says:

For a quick demo install or serious blogging you can use
They are pretty good, because you get 1,5 GB Webspace, Mail etx for free.

oneshot says:

This video has been very helpful.Thanks for taking the time to put it all

Allan Haapalainen says:

Thanks man!

fellya12 says:

get unlimited hosting free search x10hosting on google

AntisocialVirtuoso says:

Everything was great until you got to the ftp section. How do I set up an
ftp server and link it to my webhost?

lingling445 says:

It helps me, thanks

Harry Nawaz says:

Great work bro. so much helpful. Thanks

1krome says:

The best way to do a WordPress site if self-hosted, it’s under $4 a month
if you sign up here: (b e s t – w o r d p r e s s – h o s t . c o m) and
you can get a free domain for life, Google Adwords credits, and you have
more freedom to manage your own WordPress site than hosting it on WordPress

Sweet T says:

🙂 I was struggling with getting wordpress to my site and u made it easy!
Thank u so much~!~!

WebHostingtitan says:

@ElliottMediaGroup how to do it on hosgator.

baronbhatti says:

Thank you very much Elliott. A really useful tutorial. You made my life so
much easier and you explained the process far better than every other video
tutorial I have seen on this subject. 5 stars!

cosenza987 says:

hey, at 7:20 when you go to install, with me i get that wasnt found

derp says:

Hey urm when i go to public_html i don’t see my database folder. what can i

boneytripod says:

Thanks Elliot. Never thought I’d be able to make this work, but it worked!
Thanks for posting.

SSLFan says:

How do i add my domain to this?

sanjipilal says:

This question is directed to elliot himself, are you british or american,
or a brit in america thats getting a hint of an american accent ?

Kayvon Khosrowpour says:

Very good tutorial. Got it up in a matter of minutes. I encountered no
errors. Well done, and thanks. 🙂

snuggles03 says:

that was very helpful. I’ll need to watch it a few times to really know hat
I have to do. thanks

M00COW3 says:

I can’t tell what your accent is… Its sounds British and American at the
same time :/

Mohd Hazim Abd Jalil says:

Hi, Who is your web hosting company? Sorry to ask, how much are paying per
month? Many thanks.

PsySupplies says:

Great tutorial! I really appreciate it! I used the provided link to sign up
for hostican hosting service as a sign of appreciation.

luizfury says:

Thanks, you help-me a lot!!!

kawadaaaa says:

Hi, in the last section where you write your site’s url and workpress come
up, it doesn’t work well cant get it to work, could some please help

William Clark says:

Great tutorial! Really detailed process, it will help a lot of blog
beginners. As a beginner in blogging I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a
good hosting. I recommend Bluehost:, I had
the best experience by far with them!

Sahil Sahni says:

@ElliottMediaGroup hi, am using a webhosting costing me nearly 35$ a year,
with 99999mb disk space, just sharing if you would like. by the way great
video, helped me from a mess, thanx thanx alot

Andrew Boyd says:

THanks, good job.

Philip Shaw says:

You are the man, Elliott. Thanks for the help.

graczmisiek says:

The best way to change font of blog title! -> watch?v=_AXqXUqu1JU

Aisha Tejani says:

U r my hero!!! Great vid!

FaustFlow says:

hiya thanks so much great tut.

aminoetfide says:

This video is great! I’m a complete novice and this is the very first
website I have set up. Before viewing your video I spent about 3hrs reading
the WordPress installation guide that just left me confused and and VERY
frustrated. I was about to give when I saw your video. The set up then took
me no more than 5 minutes (excluding upload). Now I am all ready to get
started on designing my site. Thanks again for your help! Great video

cottontailcustoms says:

you fuckin lost me by glazing over the cyberduck stuff. how did you put the
info in???? why did you skip over that part?!?!?

msnikkidee says:

hey, this is a very good instruction. I wonder if you can assist me. I
think i have put teh worpress files in the wrong root on my isp server and
i dont know how to move it. could you advise please?

graphix4designers says:

Wanna to get great high quality premium wordpress themes please log on to

Geoff Frink says:

Ive found that godaddy is the most tedious webhost to deal with. uggghhh
hate them.

Wrapsodyl says:

Thanks you so much! Finally worked. =D

Chillzaboss says:

ay theres a new webhost that is only 2.75/month i and many other people i
know use it so you should check it out its better.duoservers. COM

Eoin849 says:

I was attempting to do this on justhostme and typed my url into the adress
bar along with wp config and stuff but i get this: Parse error: syntax
error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/lowspecg/public_html/wp-config.php on
line 48

tucocorp513 says:

Thanks for helping me with my homework. It was so easy.

Pam Readford says:

this was massively useful! thanks heaps!! 🙂

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