Installing WordPress via FTP (Famous 5-minute Install)

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This is a lesson from Getting Started with WordPress. Learn more at

Install WordPress via FTP (Manual Installation)
Learn how to install WordPress manually via FTP for finer grain control of the installation and access to advanced settings.


Victor Aaröe-Holm says:

Spending hours reading and watching other videos without any progress. This
works like a charm! Really appreciate it!

Omkar Nath Nandi says:

Installing WordPress via FTP : Installing WordPress via FTP (Famous
5-minute Install) 

dikijigme says:

Hi, if any MAC user gets this error:
“ERROR: $table_prefix in wp-config.php can only contain numbers, letters,
and underscores.”

SOLUTION is here:

your $table_prefix fields are enclosed by curly quotes (‘xxx’) instead of
straight quotes (‘xxx’).

just change the 2 incorrect quotes in the file.

** big thanks to WordPress member Valentine for noticing this! **

Karen Sokolow says:

After looking through TONS of videos….finally landed on a great one. Thank

Abu Zafor says:

This is a lesson from Getting Started with WordPress.


Abu Zafor says:

This is a lesson from Getting Started with WordPress.


Mohamad Bwary says:

outstanding presentation

Rached L says:

Thx For the perfect Tutorial!
Wordpress is working Perfect.

Duncan Steenkamp says:

Thanks very much. Got through everything, but when i reload my webpage
after the installation the page says ‘Error establishing a database
connection’ Is there something i missed?

Psy Shaker says:

A+++ outstanding presentation. <3

Johny2bikes says:

Excellent tutorial. Thanks very much!!!

Teun van der Beek says:

Thanks, this one helped me out! 

Blueprint Creatives says:

Video: WordPress’ World Famous 5-Minute Install

Wendy Aston says:

It worked! I just installed WP on my server and it works great! Thank you
so much for this tutorial! 🙂

Carlos Portis says:

Great walk-through! Much appreciated!

teacherman61 says:

I have followed your directions to the letter and have the WordPress files
copied to the right side of my filezilla FTP screen. When I type in my web
address I get “Error establishing a database connection.” I have a GoDaddy
domain and am using JustHost as my host. What do I do to continue with your
tutorial? Help….

muneebiqbal says:


Mandy Cai says:

It’s really helpful, it worked! By the way, cute accent~Like Raj in the
Bigbang Theory:)

Darin Simonson says:

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wordpress users. WP experts say that this is the most comprehensive
wordpress package of 2013. go to my channel to watch the one video I

gamzer says:

Fantastic. Clear, simple well paced and up to date!

AndrezBlog says:

I made all the steps, but if I reload the site, it shows me: ,, Not found”.

Vlaadz350 says:

Nice Job! Quick and easy

Johnny Womack says:

worked like a charm! Thanks!

TFDUDE123 says:

Seems legit

Mark K says:

I keep getting the 403 error, which is od to me because i have done
everything you, others, wordpress and my provider said to me. and i STILL
get the error

John Geyer says:

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djaroboy says:

Wowww you rock really easy and helpful =D

fabien cohen says:

Thank you & i got it all done!!!! May god bless you & your family. Thank
you so much once again.

D. J. Desperado says:

hahaha 6:40!!! You are genius man! No but thanks for the vid, it really
helpt me out

Anthony Januszewski says:

Thank you so much! A great Help! Really Simple!

niu8fans says:

Preparing a wordpress workshop for my organization in Cambodia. This video
is exactly what I want! Easy and helpful! Great job!

Nemisis99 says:

i don’t understand what a mysql database does. Do I absolutely need to make
that database can’t I just upload the files right into my root, give the
install files my root password and username, then run the install?

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