Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress

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Learn to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website.


Laura Navickaite says:

Problem solved ! thanks x

Charles David says:

Great video.

farhana easmin says:

Thanks very helpfull

Mirshad2012 says:

You are awesome, thanks for quick and useful tutorial!


Amrapali Satpute says:

Thanks a lot for this video

Lee Johnson says:


Amrapali Satpute says:

Thanks a lot forum this video

Nick Thomson says:


aparajit thirukonda says:

thank . 

James Hood says:

Great Vid Thanks

bonzihunter says:

how many days does it take for google to register ur site? I did exactly
what you said and it’s been 2 days and still nothing :(

S D Butcher says:

OMG thank you!!! I have been struggling with this for 2 hours now! THANK
YOU !!!!!! Worked PERFECTLY!!!!

BeachEdgePools says:

Great stuff……..thanks

Doug Zieman says:

Thanks, you made it so simple.

Phyllis Edson says:

This was a great instructional video. Made it easy. Thanks!

Patricia J Swinton says:

Thank you, worked like a charm.

Tempa671 says:

so are you saying it takes a couple days for the status to change from
tracking not installed ? i have done all that you said but the status still
says : tracking not installed.

David Gomez says:

Making tutorials Like A Boss!

internetbadger says:

Very useful information, thank you!

Jamie Bihl says:

Really appriciate you putting the time in to create this. It helped me

Maria Kor says:

Nice explanation, simple and great! Thank you!!

Rachelle Anselmi says:

Very informative… great job explaining how to set up Analytics.

iamjms7 says:

don’t you have to paste the code from google analytics on to each page you
want tracked?

Justin Glenn says:

BTW… if you are looking for anything fitness related or how to get in
shape check out my channel and website! … shameless plugging … its ok
thoguh hahaha Thanks again

Patsy Snyder says:

Thanks so much for this help. says:

You can also display Google Analytics data and statistics, in a chart,
inside your WordPress Dashboard using this plugin: Google Analytics
Dashboard for WP!

Jo Lala says:

thanks a lot!!!! 😀

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ja doe says:

thanks for this video . I followered your instructions and it worked!

J Adam G says:

I went to 4 vidoes on the subject and yours was the only one that didn’t
make me feel like I was defusing a bomb…thank you!

Bart Timberlake says:

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wordpress. WordPress experts agree that this is the most extensive
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František Mašek says:

thanks ! it’s great

Sveza Ivanoska Mitreva says:

When we have such videos we don’t need coaches and it’s free :)) Thank you
SO much.

SkyRealty says:

I just notice that I did not read your problem properly. Did you use the
same plug in I talk about? Did you complete the process when you captured
the code from Google by hitting save? Some Google is not seeing the code in
your site. Make sure the tracking number in your Analytics matches the code
in your website. One character off could cause an issue. With out be able
to see your accounts I am shooting in the dark a bit. If all of the above
do not work try starting the whole process over.

Justin Glenn says:

Good stuff brotha! Thank you.

Tempa671 says:

I have done as the video says but my status on google analytics still says
: Tracking not installed? how long does it take for the status to change
from : Tracking not installed…someone please help!!!

John Sackett says:

thank you for making an easy tuturial.

Thomas Osborne says:


Js Stalin says:

super awesome

SkyRealty says:

It usually takes a couple days for the data to show up.

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