Using Wamp And Installing WordPress Locally On Home Computer – NEW Updated Version

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Close New Step by step walk through of how to install the latest version of WordPress on your desktop PC and use WampServer version 2.4 32 bits &PHP 5.4. Learn how to use WordPress and practice without the fear of messing something up.

Wampserver includes a great database which can be used hand in hand with WordPress. You can enjoy more free training at my website.


Leah Hercel Tudlasan says:

hi +Courtney Brazley Im really glad that i found you on youtube your video
is so very simple but yet very interesting to learn.. thank you for
uploading this tutorial its a big help for me.. thank you again and more
power!!.. please upload more :)


i have just installed notepad++ and when i right click the config file it
wont show the option to “edit with notepad++”
can you please help

James Soller says:

Hey Courtney, great tutorial.You are a natural teacher. However, when I got
almost to the end in the part where I go to
http://localhost/wp-admin/install/php, this is what I keep doing. Ive been
trying to solve this for a while, but cannot figure it out. Any advice
would be appreciated.

Can’t select database
We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username
and password is okay) but not able to select the james_wordpress database.

Are you sure it exists?
Does the user root have permission to use the james_wordpress database?
On some systems the name of your database is prefixed with your username,
so it would be like username_james_wordpress. Could that be the problem?
If you don’t know how to set up a database you should contact your host. If
all else fails you may find help at the WordPress Support Forums.

Aaron Lee says:

Does localhost mean it’s not accessible to the general public?

Alfred babu says:

After installing Wamp server the icon coming is yellow what is the problem
sir.How i can rectify that problem

muhammad maghraby says:

Will I be able to use Google adsense on the website

Jam Box says:

loading php admin on my local host can’t get anything, such as user and
password, it’s blank. can you maybe tell me what’s wrong, thank you

Stanley Anokwuru says:

Great video tutorial. Stumbled into it and I am working my way through with
Wordpress on Wamp 64bit.. How do I access the rest of your free videos.
Could you please provide a link to the rest of your free tutorials.. Once
again Thanks a lot for this wonderful easy and wonderful video
tutorial..Please keep in touch,

steevensum41 says:

awesome, thank you sir. you saved my computer from being smashed on the

Ddb Gqp says:

Thx for this tutorial.

Jam Box says:

HI, I’ve fixed the problem, thanks anyway for the tutorial

Jovana Milovanović says:

Thanks <3

Edward Morales says:

Hello Courtney. I am having issues saving the SQL settings to .php my pc
(windows 8.1) will not give me that option when I use notepad or any other
text program. What do you suggest I do? Thank you for taking the time to
help us out.

GangstasChoice says:

You rock man! Tnx!!!

Kal Malik says:

Cheers mate! Easy instructions

Steve Cardon says:

Many thanks Courtney, very well done!!

2013Guevara says:

Excellent tutorial ! Thanks Courtney.

Al Dano says:

OK….after two hours and three trys, I got all the way to password setup..
I put in my password, then I was given a random password anyway. So, I
highlited and copied it. Finally got to the login screen. Pasted the
password in the box……ERROR WRONG PASSWORD. okay, so I tried the one I
created…….ERROR ect. And of course I can’t retrieve my password because
the EMAIL WON’T WORK…….I’m done. I surrender. You win.

Jam Box says:

Hi Courtney bro, I have problem during installation. httpd.exe system
error, the program can’t start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from you
computer. can you please tell me what’s going wrong, really appreciate the
way you explain. I have followed many tutorial but i think yours are the
best. thank you in advance.

Milan Coric says:

Great video! What is the correct version of Wampserver to download for
Windows XP SP3? Also, where can this be downloaded from? Thanks!

Rafee Md says:

Hi Courtney i want complete video tutorials were can i get…
can u share the link

Sank says:

Hi Courtney . I got wordpress installed on my local machine by watched
your video , thanks to you . I am working on my first website and almost
got done with it . I would like to build a second one , and How would I go
about doing it ? . Thank you .

Yewande Eno says:

The only WordPress Tutorial that’s ever made sense. Thank You SO much!

Studs Up says:

thanks for the video courtney. I ran into a problem, i ran into a problem
after following your steps. when i visit site from the dashboard it takes
me to the wamp server config page

Ali Khan says:

Epic Tutorial ! You nailed it Man…. Just what karen said, after bumping
into so many others, finally a Solution …Thanks 

Gabriel Meraz says:

Wow Courtney! Thank For Making The Perfect Tutorial! 

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