WordPress Basics #2 – Installing WordPress on Windows with WAMP

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The 2nd video in the new WordPress Basics video series. Here I show you how to install WordPress on Windows with WAMP.


Kaj Olsen says:

Thank you, Scott.

Mr.Derp says:

for some reason, when i type in localhost/wordpress/ into the URL bar on
firefox, it gives me a forbidden page and there is no button to
configuration file. (thats around 3:10) of the video. I think i messed up
somewhere at the CMD prompt but I copied exactly what leveluptuts did. What
do I do?

Joana Beshaj says:

Thank you, great video! :)

Udhaya suriyan05 says:

hello friends.. i want to develop and deploy wordpress website
locally(localhost)..without domain name registration and hosting.. i tried
free webhosting website no use(000webhost,hostinger.1freehosting).. for my
own practise.. if it’s any chance let me know sir.. am waiting,,please help

Robert Howe says:

Hey folks. I’ve downloaded wordpress, downloaded wamp and I’m following the
instructions to the letter but it’s telling me the directory doesn’t exist
and alias isn’t working…any help?

I’ve tried Cobys suggestion but that’s a blank to :(

Brenton Johnson says:

I didn’t have the sever online (even know the W was green) click online,
works a charm

Jason Galardi says:

I have got to tell you, I have spent DAYS trying to just get to the login
screen and then I found your videos. In 10 minutes, I was up and running!
You saved me a lot of headache and stress. I can’t thank you enough. This
was a clear and concise video that was simple and short. I will subscribe
and watch more. Thank you again. 

LevelUpTuts says:
Coby Randal says:

Thank you! this was very straight forward and easy to follow. My only snag
came when I had to type in c:/www/wordpress/ because that did not work for
me. I had to type C:wampwwwwordpress and then it worked.

Anna Cavill says:

How do I use WAMP

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