WORDPRESS: Installation

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Arnab Barman says:

Very helpful

Primie Parcon says:

why local host is not working?do i have different local host?please help :(

Anant Pandey says:

its very helpful to me thanx sir

Matt Saunders says:

@zoody1 Im glad it helped you out 🙂

Matt Saunders says:

@nimaeslamloo Your welcome

Nima Eslamloo says:

Thanks Matt. It was awesome

Jason Miller says:

Awesome tutorial!

TheBarbora14 says:

I was looking to create my own blog.. I did everything as you said !! And
it works, but…. Does it work as a blog? And is it mine .. my plan for the
future is to make a bit of money from it, so i dont want that one day
someone deletes all my job .. please let me know… and another things is
.. Is it possible to ad adds on my blog and get paid for them ?? Thank you

HostGatorTutorial says:

I think wordpress is far better blogging platform than any other.

nevadabboko says:

very good … accept you have to be software engineer

RomanArtru says:

after i put name, db, password in wp-config.php i refresh the page and got
this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_FUNCTION
in /home/foreverd/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php on line 57

nozad nawras says:

ok, so i havea website, but wordpress looks so much better, how do i
trnsfwer wordpress to my domain etc, also how can i add twitter paypal,
what video do you suggest dude!

Viqar Amjad says:

Matt, question: right now this is test on localhost then how to upload
content including database on FTP for web hosting? Could you please help on
this? I am pretty much new and no idea how to do. Thanks!

Jason Miller says:

Nice one mate. Would you be doing any tutorials on Drupal or Joomla in the

nozad nawras says:

total legend, superb, really helpful!

Darin Simonson says:

I am a wordpress expert and I recorded a series of 25 video tutorials for
wordpress users. WordPress experts agree that it’s the best wordpress video
series ever. You can watch a sample video from this course on my channel…

badeth D. says:

i follow steps by step and it seems that it goes right but when i refresh
the localhost8080 on the browser.(which is im done editing
wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php) and enter the wordpress on the
database and root on the username. and leave the password emty still its
error pls help!!!

4umangck says:

localhost:8080 not working 🙁

hockeypuck999 says:

Is localhost8080 on the webserver?

Morris West says:


Matisse Techno says:

@badeth691 go to readme.html anf download PHP

Anup Khanal says:

really better one…………… thanks dude.

TheBarbora14 says:

Matt, how can other people find my blog? On googel i cant find it!!! please
let me know

badeth D. says:

@badeth691 my email add is rachelamesola@yahoo.com pls send me msg if u
know how to solve my problem. it says WordPress requires that your web
server is running PHP. Your server does not have PHP installed, or PHP is
turned off.> >

Matt Saunders says:

@JasonMiller1991 Well one of my subscribers is going to be making a Drupal
template for the Tech Layout Series so I will create a video announcing
that with a link to his channel 🙂

Jon Doll says:

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you are a web expert and lets face it not many of us are… You don’t need to
worry though since I created a new course on wordpress, which will enable
you how to transform your wordpress blog into a serious marketing machine.
You can watch a sneak peek from this course…. just check it out: ===>
/watch?v=VDkJBK0DvZc <== or click on my username to watch it

TheBarbora14 says:

Matt hi, I cant find my blog on google. What do i need to change to make it
public? thank you

Matt Saunders says:

@JasonMiller1991 Thanks dude I am just about to upload the next videos
going into more depth about wordpress so people are up to speed for the
Custom theme Series 🙂

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