WordPress SEO (by Yoast) Setup Guide

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A complete guide to setting up the fantastic SEO plugin for WordPress. WordPress SEO (by Yoast)

There is a follow up video to this which addresses an issue with Facebook OpenGraph: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0QQ28qr-yQ


Renata Sbr says:

Good job,thank you so much! 

Craig Gornall says:

brilliant Video. Very helpful. I’m now top ranked on my key words :-)

Nick Ager says:

My new boss has asked me to improve his SEO on an old website a few years
ago. I’d never looked at anything like that before. Great tutorial. You’ve
saved me from many hours of pulling my hair out!!

Nick Zhang says:

Great video! Learned lots of valuable information. Thumbs up!

james moreno says:

Thanks for a great video, very informative and in-depth..more is always
better and you covered it here. 

Eric Boeckh says:

Great Job!

Pete Emmert says:

Hello and thank you. I am very new with this sort of thing. So far I like
this SEO much better than the all in one. My trouble is this, In the
dashboard/ titles and mets/ the “home” tab, mine comes up empty compared to
yours. All that is there on this page is “home page & front page, then
under this is “save changes” why is this?

Kevin Jude says:

Thanks -In-depth and Informative!!!

Jill Usdan Annenberg says:

thanks for the instruction.

Nirav Patel says:

WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin Setup Guideline for Beginners

Rachita Upreti says:

My XML- Site map is showing 404 Not Found ……. I have already uploaded
the sitemap in my site but still XML-site map is not working yet

David Blake says:

Thank you so much for this video. I used it on a WP website I am creating
and was very happy I used it because it showed me where I should have used
keywords but did not. It is a great program.

Mike Connor says:

Barry, many thanks for providing a path through this! You took a daunting
task and made it easy. 2 thumbs way up!

Ed Felix says:

This was great, super helpful!

Arif khan says:

Thanks for sharing
I did all most the same setting, but when i submitted to Google it gave me
2 error
1st Sitemap: my website name/post_tag-sitemap.xml
Parent tag: urlset
2nd Sitemap: my website name/category-sitemap.xml
Parent tag: urlset
Tag: url
This required tag is missing. Please add it and resubmit.

My website is a static site not a blog
how do i fix this, Thanks

Mazza Curly Chua says:

is the plug in compatible with buddypress?

mlmheadhunter says:

Thanks For The Help much appreciated man. good easy to follow tutorial. 

Kevin Olding says:

Very helpful Thank you 

Frederick Owen says:

Thank you so much! very helpful and informative:)

Patrick Helmers says:

Absolutely one of the very best and useful videos I’ve watched all year.

kanu kaushal says:

thanks buddy that was very helpfull

Adrian Perez says:

Is choosing Post Name under the permalinks setting the same as choosing the
Custom Setting of /%postname%/? Because each time I choose Custom Setting
and save it, it does toggle back to the Post Name setting.

Jeanette De Jesus says:

My question is, What happen with the homepage when I doing the seo?

AchilleasM says:

thanks mate!

Krispy Swiggs says:

Great tutorial. Thanks a lot! Very informative and helpful. Cheers!

Sangjong Lee says:

Thanks so much! 

Jorge Ruiz Centelles says:

Thank you very much!!! really good job!

Carmen Williamson says:

Thank you for your plugin and support! Question, in example your
verification code beginning does not have google at the beginning, mine
does. Just making sure I am putting in correctly within the wp plugin SEO
set up under Webmaster Tools…. I have

Lori Wilkie says:

Very helpful 🙂 Many Thankx for the good explanations!

Chris Lohmar says:

Thank you so much for that tutorial- I ran into incidental duplicate
content problems because of not fine tuning the settings of that plugin and
lost most of the rankings of my blog!

Donna Oliver says:

Thanks so much! 

MrPhotografix says:

Great tutorial THX, like your style.

Intensive Online Marketers says:

This is just a great video tutorial for the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

ebuTuoY elgooG says:

Could you do a video on how to setup SEOpressor. Showing users how to setup
an XML site map and implement it on Google master tools. Then get into how
to setup SEO pressor. That would be awesome. Thanks

West Yorkshire Hypnotist says:

Excellent thanks, I did notice however the Author Box is now missing off
the HOME page. 

Praveen Kumar says:

Hiyaaaa! Have you heard the talk about – TK Explosion Easy Website Builder
(google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my best friend got
cool money with it.

Eric Hedvat says:

Thanks this was great

Rebecca Miller says:

Hi Barry, I just wanted to say thanks very much for your WordPress SEO (by
Yoast) Setup Guide. It’s exactly what I needed and I’ve now successfully
configured this plugin on my site http://naturalcurepsoriasis.com
I’m now popping over to watch the one you mentioned about Facebook
OpenGraph. Thanks again!

Pressability says:

Thanks Gagan, Unfortunately i didn’t upload in HD. I will in future be
re-recording a better version of this video and it will be in HD 🙂

Michael Hackett says:

Thanks – I appreciate a tutorial that actually explains the steps! Good

Pressability says:

Hi Jad, This isn’t an instant fix for getting your site in Google. There’s
a lot more involved in terms of getting your blog ranked (highly) in
google. I recommend you check your Google Webmaster Tools account and make
sure your sitemap has been accepted and crawled. Also check to see if
there’s any actions that need taking. Webmaster Tools is very good at
pointing these out. If that’s all clear, then it’s just a case of make your
content as good and google will find you 🙂

StefioaneCy says:

thank you very much for the time and effort putting all these together for

Richard Friedman says:

Shame it’s not in HD, but good tutorial.

Carlos Lizarraga says:

Thanks a lot for this video, I’m new to WordPress SEO and I really need to
set it up.

Kerry Nelson says:

Thanks, great tutorial!

Gagan Khatri says:

Thanks for the best tutorial so far. But wonder why the video is not HD?

Thomas Gibson says:

awesome video, nice to have somebody that knows what they’re talking about.

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