WordPress Start-to-Finish: Part 1 – Install WordPress on Your Host

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We walk you through the step-by-step process of installing WordPress on your web host using the Softaculous installer available in the cPanel interface of most hosts. Please note: Your provider may use a different control panel for hosting access, but should offer a similar step-by-step installer.


Elizabeth-Jane Baldry says:

Brilliant. Thank you. Crystal clear instructions.

Sasha Dee says:

my hero!

Brandon Burk says:

Thanks for posting this. It saved me a lot of time and money. One of the
most useful youtube videos I have ever watched.

Burhan Bayrak says:

My friend.
Thank you.

mandy chrzanowski says:

Thank you for posting this!

Roz Fruchtman says:

EXCELLENT tutorial. I am VERY familiar with Fantastico and was needlessly
intimated by Softaculous. I would venture to say, my dislike for change is
the real culprit here, but your VERY specific tutorial hopefully cured me!

Anthony Pace says:

Can’t believe this has been around since 2011. So smooth and simple to
follow. Thank you so much !!

Jorge Romero says:

Ho I see.. thanks for your reply… and what if for example I made a
website using Dreamweaver and uploaded it to the root host..now the website
is live on the web.. what would happen if I install wordpress on the root
of the host?? would it overlap the previous content or will it merge in a

Jerry Bates says:

@ChrystalBougon – Thanks for commenting on the geekiest video I’ve done to
date. This server-side stuff is the most daunting for the layman, but
thankfully most host make installing WordPress fairly easy!

Chrystal Bougon says:

thanks Jerry. Your Word Press videos are always so helpful!

AltanisGroup says:

What program do you use to create and edit your videos?

Nat Img says:

this video is titled “Part 1”. where is part 2? Did you make any videos on
using the Custom Script option that softaculous provides? They seem to be
lacking some important documentation for creating custom wordpress
installs. Kinda defeats the purpose of “saving time” when installing a new
wordpress site…

Lynn Jacob says:

Thanks, Jerry! I’m a newbie, and had installed WordPress before watching
this video. Can you tell me if I can get back into a place to change the
table prefix and admin name? Many thanks.

Jerry Bates says:

It will *overwrite* any files and folders that you may have had from a
previous WordPress installation if they are in root, but that’s it. If you
have stuff in there that has unique filenames (i.e., not file naming
conventions that WordPress uses) you should be fine.

King Swami and The Bright Seed says:

I get a little confused about the word “root”, or “root of the hosting
server. can you explain the term/s

MrPixelblur says:

i got one error and it says Installation cannot proceed because the
following files already exist in the target folder : .htaccess Please
delete these files or choose another folder.OR Select the checkbox to
overwrite all files and continue

Jorge Romero says:

will the wordpress installation overwrite any other data or files in the
root of the hosting server when the directory options is left blank???

Nat Img says:

I don’t actually see the saving in time for installing wordpress using
softaculous. I made a Drop-In file “install.php” that completely customizes
the wordpress install. Activates custom theme, removes sample pages &
posts, installs & activates custom plugins, deactivates comments and
ping-backs, sets permalink structure without having to do anything
manually. I’ve spent days trying to get softaculous to read a custom
install script, but it actually doesn’t support any of these options.

Wiindows says:

Am I connecting my wordpress blog, or am I installing the wordpress

Ann Magoufis says:

Hi, many thanks for making this video and explaning in such detail how to
setting up WordPress. I have struggled for the last few days and listening
to your tut I realise where I have gone wrong. A vital part not clicking on
the password link at the very end. My WordPress files can be seen on the
server but will not allow them to be uploaded to the internet as I have no
password. Thanks again

SwangNBang says:

this guy is apart of the illuminati

UnRiccioPerCapriccio says:

what if you have already a wordpress site, and you want to have more
options, installing wordpress (not just using it online). I need to install
plugins.. so hard!

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