A Complete WordPress Website Using Vantage Theme

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Learn to Create a Complete Website Using Vantage Theme.


Sherri Killough says:

Thank you..this is just what I was looking for! 

Naresh Narasimhalu says:

Hi Liked you video very much. I have one question. How to add banner slider
in all pages.Thank you

Jasper Meijer says:

Hey Ritu,
Very nice guide, really usefull!
Only have one question: is it possible to chance the background?


coolspirit says:

can I have the source for the demo images that you are using and any other
resources that may be used in this demostration ?

jca digitalmarketing says:

Dear Ritu a great tutorial but when i add my visual editor plugin to
sidebar it gets frozen and i cant change anything in widget area.

Nano Fernández says:

VERY gOOD tutorial. tHANKS… ♥

Mohammad Siddiqui says:

A great tutorial.. thanks a lot Ritu

xtina kershner says:

Also, still have no idea why Home Page had to be changed to RS Consultancy
then back to to home page. Huh? 

Sachin Trivedi says:

Can’t thank you enough, very good explanation and easy to follow. Thanks a

Mike Cohen says:

Best tutorial yet Ritu. Well done and thanks for your time and effort
sharing with us.

Laurel Knight says:

Thank you so much Ritu! Well done and tons of information. Just what I
needed to start my website!

Mohit Manuja says:

You have come a long way.. congratulations !

DasBiVieh says:

Thank you very much!!

Giorgio Trantina says:

Really helped me (and kinda saved my life too)! You’re sweatheart Ritu!

EasyMoneyTv says:

Great Stuff Ritu 🙂 I’m really impressed what you can do with WordPress,
the Online World has made it much easier creating something spetacular.
Before I watched your video i came across a 14 year old boy which made
Millions creating his own Apps. Its insane! You can check it out for
yourself if you dont believe me 🙂
Learn How To Create Your Own App And Make Millions

Richard Lin says:

very good video. straight to the point and very good explanation.

keep up the good work!

Johanna Jamison says:

Thank you Ritu for this very helpful video! Is there any way to change the
color of the menu as well as the hover color?

karthik reddy says:

Thanks alot madam..Really Enjoyed the Video 😀 

sagar shirsat says:

ritu mam will you please give us tutorial about Resolution theme? as that
theme looks beautiful and you are web expert in this.. thank you

Bert Harmsma says:

Very well explained, thanks Ritu

xtina kershner says:

There is almost nothing in here specific to Vantage theme. I was looking
for how to specifically modify Vantage. You have to sit through a painful
and very long tutorial describing the most basic WordPress concepts, and
the author repeats the same step over, and over, and over again, (such as
creating a page and unchecking comments one “each and every” page. Maybe
helpful for complete WordPress newbies. Otherwise extremely painful. 

Victor Napoleão says:

Very helpful. Excellent Tutorial. Namaste!

Marlon Marr says:

I really LOVE this video!!!! THANK YOU!

Teri Smith says:

Hello. Thank you for your tutorial. It is great! I have a problem. When I
added a video to my sidebar the navigation bar will not scroll with the
page. It now interferes with the meta slide image. It also added a bar to
the very top of the page. Can you help me correct this? Thank you!

Elle Reynolds says:

excellent, thank you

ezekielthemack says:

Thank you very much for your help. Much appreciated.

Debra Simmons says:

Thank you Ritu, Just building my site now using this very helpful video,
one thing can I change the text size and type with this theme?? Thanks Debs

Anthony Romano says:

Excellent tutorial. Just started using this theme and you answered many of
my question. I note that when you bring up he home page through the
dashboard you can only see it and modify it if you have the page builder
plugin activated. Is there a way that I can see the home page that comes
with the theme without using the Page Builder so that I can make my changes
manually. Thank you.

Daniel Garrison says:

Thank you!
This was very helpful.

angeshwari singh says:

Hello mam,
I need your guides related to Google adsense account creating pls can you
give me information about that

Sandeep Sharma says:

Hello Mam,
Thank you for your video. I made my first wordpress website. You have
explained very well.
I have a problem can you please guide me the slide is showing on home page.
I want this on all my pages.


Michael Johnson says:

Well done. Very helpful.

Ashish Goswami says:

Thank maam, quit long i am searching this kind of tutorial, fortunately
today i get, thank god, Hear more from you… In future… would request
you kindly make things on hindi language too. Please accept my sincere
compliments for same!!!

עומר כהן says:

i have learn a lot and youre great thank a lot 

ExtreemWN says:

lets, lets, lets, lets, lets, lets, lets, lets, lets,,,,,,,

sagar shirsat says:

great video RITU mam..
but there is one problem for me in this theme..
i unable to add my old text box which contains alexa toolbar and another
with bluehost advt…
please help me out mam..

AS Cahyono says:

nice tutorial. I will wait for how to make any posts/pages into one page.

Zimorodek zwyczajny says:

Thank you very much for help. Regards from Poland.

Chris Alias says:

Wonderfull video, i feel more confident about starting a clients website
using the vantage theme. Thank you for sharing

arun kumar says:

thank you….

Aditya Agrawal says:

Thank you for the amazing video. I was looking for exactly this video

jca digitalmarketing says:

I got the fix the culprit is google maps plugin ,Ritu could you please show
us how to change the color scheme in vantage
using css style sheet editing 

Jatin Arora says:

I am using this theme. i set catagories but when i click on any catagory my
blogs are fully open. I want there just a feather image and some text and
when click on continue reading after that it shows full lenth blog. what to
do???? help me……

Teri Smith says:

Hello Ritu. Thank you for your reply. I think this is a safari issue. When
I open the site in chrome everything looks fine. I was able to get code for
sticky nav bar but I think I will not mess with that quite yet. I’m very
new to wordpress. Your tutorial is great! Thank you again. 

Theory to Practical says:

excellent video

Wordpress Designer says:

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Ritu Sachdev says:

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