Coding a WordPress Theme from HTML / CSS in 26 Minutes

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In this video I demonstrate the first steps of coding a WordPress theme from HTML / CSS. I also show how you can speed up the process by using Dreamweaver snippets. To create the basic foundation of this theme only took me 26 Minutes.

Second video will cover more advanced development


Brad Haircut says:

You lost me when you set the logo height in html and not in css.

Puneet Sehgal says:

i don’t have theme option how to add that one

Robert Adair says:

with all due respect this is unwatchable I can barely see what you are
doing due to such a low resolution

Amr Hussien says:

you amazing man , thank you

John Paul Manoza says:

not a recommended tutorial for a newbie. all of the functions are defined
already. What he just didi is to use those existing functions and paste
some code without explaining for what is that for. 🙁

Enea Xhani says:

Please, send me here :

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

on the home page you will see: Forums & Downloads: To download the files /
code snippets related to the A B C Training and ask questions, become a
member. –> Click “become a member”. The downloads are provided in the
forum after you register.

Sun says:

This is a very nice video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am a newbie
and want a sample HTML template that is used in this tutorial. Can you
share that? So I can or other on my level of expertise can practice by
following your Excellent tutorial. Thanks once again!

Agni Kumar Shukla says:

nice tutorial

tony andrew says:

thanks for the video , its really good and working as I follow the steps
given in it!! 1.I don’t understand on how to get the ADMIN PANEL folder 🙁
Please clear me on this one , thanks again for this wonderful video, I have
subbed in 🙂

Enea Xhani says:

Thank You ! 🙂

ppahppp says:

yes, i did find it… after a bit of a sear, on the wp-ask site. It works
now. Thanks for the amazingly fast response. Can I make a suggestion that
you put a list of files to get in the description of this file …. you
would probs be less likely to get more confused people posting. p.s. Good
vid man

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

Hello, you will need to get the downloads from my website: wp-ask[DOT]me

kripa sindhu says:

awsome work very informative

Ovnistudiopma says:

where I get snippets

Don Fawns says:

This is a great video. I’m just starting to learn WordPress so I can
convert an HTML/CSS site into WordPress, but the site is encased in a table
with DIV elements within it (Odd programming). Do you think the site needs
re-coding in order to properly follow this tutorial? My guess is

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

@LaMarquiseDeMerteuil I agree with you 100% – there is definatly a lot of
information that has to be learned before you can understand this – which
is why I am working to create a video on each area from beginning to end,
then compile a playlist. I have just been so busy, completing all the
videos is taking me some time 🙂 Until then, I’m happy to answer any

LaMarquiseDeMerteuil says:

This is perfect for those who already know the structure of a wordpress
theme, HTML and CSS. Those who do not will need to get their hands on
tutorials that will address those wants before they can get anything out of

askwpcoach says:

@ppahppp thanks for the suggestion and complement – I’m always working to
make things easier for people to use the materials. I will incorporate a
Read Me in the downloads soon.

Black Talon says:

would love to see your snippet library as your site is down for

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

Thanks for the complement – you can get all resources on from my website:

ashokjackyt says:

Hi can you please send me the snippet library, so that i can learn some
more. send the files to

Alexei Valiaev says:

can the ask-me ad be removed

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

downloads will be available on my website again soon.

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

visit wp-ask[dot]me

Abhinav Katiyar says:

thanks, i am waiting.

WP-Ask Me LLC says:

Thanks for your post, however please understand that this video was not
intended to be used as a newbie tutorial. I made this video after creating
my snippets library and was showing how quickly a theme can be coded using
the snippets. For the newbie training, please access the A B C videos shown
on the featured videos of my Youtube Channel. If you would like the
snippets, feel free to contact me directly and I will send them. Thanks

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