Coding for the Masses (Advanced WordPress theme + framework Development) – Darcy Clarke

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Darcy Clarke (of Themify) – Coding for the Masses (Advanced WordPress theme + framework Development) at WordPressNYC Meetup at New Work City on Jan 17 2012

Coding for the Masses (Advanced WordPress theme + framework Development)

Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012, 6:30 PM

New Work City
412 Broadway New York, NY

85 WordPress Fanatics Went

********************************STANDING ROOM ONLY********************************Our first meetup of the year will have something for everyone, and be action-packed!Back in September, WP Candy wrote an article that co-founder Darcy Clarke was relocating from Toronto to NYC… so naturally I reached out to Darcy about speaking at our…

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Building WordPress websites from scratch is so old-school. There are tons of themes and frameworks that you can build on… or you can build your own. This talk goes into the trials and tribulations of developing a platform / product based on Darcys work at Themify. As a basis, the Themify framework, itself, has gone through multiple revisions in order to be an accessible, robust, solid solution to build themes on. Using his framework and themes as example, Darcy lays out how to optimize and build scalable and reusable themes and theme frameworks. Darcy will dive into both the front and back-end providing insights on key features that have driven their success.

About our Speaker: Darcy Clarke is a Developer, Designer & User Experience Advocate based out of New York, NY. He is the Co-Founder of Themify a Commercial WordPress theme company, and is currently a Senior Developer at Fantasy Interactive and a member of the jQuery Team. Darcy’s work has been featured in publications such as: .Net Mag, Web Designer Mag, Applied Arts and Smashing Magazine.


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Ryan Bayne says:

I totally agree and also stress the importance of the “Final Tips”. I
recommend that a developer spends month on creating a foundation of
procedures, tools and systems to handle the masses of users. So far I’ve
not seen any developer going far enough with their infrastructure and there
is a way it can be done which costs little. In my opinion. I think there is
more money to be made and a bigger slice of the WordPress Pie can be taking
by putting certain things in place. I’m not going to say what “things” I’m
on about though as competition is hard enough right now.

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