Create A Child Theme | Set Up FTP | Remove Primary Menu In Artificer Theme (WordPress)

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Learn how to create a child theme for your WordPress website and safely modify theme functions, structure, and style. With a child theme you can have confidence that your theme changes will not be overwritten when developers release a new version of your theme.

In this video I show step-by-step how to create a child theme, as well as how to remove the primary menu navigation bar in the Artificer e-commerce WordPress website theme 1.3.4.

This video is an update to my previous video, “How To Create An Amazing E-Commerce Website using Artificer.

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InfoNubia says:

Katrina, you are so awesome! Your videos are so easy to follow. Thanks for
creating these tutorials, your efforts are really appreciated!

Diego Silvi says:

you are the best Katrinah

Sarah DCosta says:

Hi Katrina
Please Help me
I’ve been logging in to my CyberDuck account, but it doesn’t show any of
the theme file. I am using the lifestyle theme pro.

Charmanda Crafford says:

Hi Katrina. Thank you for your great videos! Really been helping me allot,
I just have one problem… I followed your video step by step twice to make
sure I didn’t skip a step or miss something, but still my primary menu
doesn’t want to go away… Any advice will be really helpful.
I’m using:
I would be SOO great full for any help <3

spacejam242000 says:

Excellent video! Your explanation was very thorough – thank you!

Marketing 2 Madness says:

Hi Katrina,
Can I start with I love your videos. You seem to cover most everything.
However, I have run into a snag, please help. I followed your video, and
learned a lot. But when I went to activate the child them, it says it is
broken. I followed step for step. I don’t know if it is because its a
different theme than what you used. This one seems to be a child of
another theme. It’s Phogra Can you help?

Daniel Knoflicek says:

short tip: in most cases the child theme is also provided by the
developers… so first check your ;-)

Lauren Shanks says:

WordPress states my child theme is incomplete because it needs a stylesheet
and a template? It says the parent theme is missing? What did I do wrong?

Dion R says:

Hi Katrina, Gr8 tut on child theme creating. Many thanks! I started work on
my first WordPress website without creating a child theme. Silly me, I
wasnt aware of it. Have changed some of the script in the styles.css and
other areas. I dont want to lose all my custom settings to the clients
website. What do I do to avoid losing all my changes I have initially made
to the site? Your feedback is much appreciated :)

devshine says:

Beautifully explained…Thnx

P.Isaac Williams says:

God bless you!! May the Lord increase you! Thank you so much for your

Oscar Martinez says:

Thank you for your videos, I’ve found the answers I’ve been looking for.
Great quality, easy to follow (and I’m a complete illiterate about this
topic), useful information and tips. Thanks again for sharing this with
everybody, I hope you continue doing these videos for us. :)

Gary White says:

hi Katrina. Thank you for your great videos. it saved a lot of trouble
googling. i have something to ask. iam using artificer with this plugin ( to create a resume on my site.
I’ve created the resume, but it has all the things artificer have. The logo
and site title is ok, but i need to remove the menu bar, cart button and
checkout button on the top, only in the resume page. Can you help me
please? Thank you

Jonas Crausos says:

a very useful tut for WordPress beginner like me..Thanks Katrina..tutorial

Vanessa Nikitas says:

Hi Katrina,

thanks for the awesome video! Im just stuck on a few steps! please can you
help. Im very new to building a website.

1. Im using filezilla and it won’t let me make a new file.
2. When I copy the style.css its icon is that of “safari” logo.

Saurav Gurung says:

what to do in local host??

Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin, S.C. says:

Hi Katrina,

How do I edit the footer that says “Woothemes” and add a “Terms of Use”
link in articifer?

Jon D. says:

I am struggling with getting the “outreach-pro” child theme to work or be
recognized as a theme here is the wording I’m getting: “Broken Themes
The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a
stylesheet and a template.

Name Description

Outreach Pro Child Theme

The “outreach-pro” theme is not a valid parent theme.” here ithe style dot
css file i built: “/*
Theme Name: Outreach Pro Child Theme
Theme URI: Description:
A mobile responsive and HTML5 theme built for the Genesis Framework.
Author: StudioPress
Author URI: Version: 3.0.1

Tags: black, green, white, one-column, two-columns, three-columns,
left-sidebar, right-sidebar, responsive-layout, custom-menu,
full-width-template, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, theme-options,
threaded-comments, translation-ready, premise-landing-page

Template: outreach-pro

Template: genesis
Template Version: 2.0.0

License: GPL-2.0+
License URI:

@import url(‘../outreach-pro/style.css’);” can you direct me to what I am
doing wrong in this new eCommerce site

vishal parkash says:

very well explained ..nice tutorial …
gained a lot of knowledge

Tao Ran says:

hi do you know how to use the FileZilla to create FTP ?

MsYano26 says:

Thanks a lot for the tutorials!

Santiago Gallegos Peralta says:

Hi Katrina, Thanks for all the videos that you make for us.
Recently I´d watch this video and I followed your steps, but I have a
Do I need to make a “include” folder on a theme-child folder too… when
I´m editing php files of this location???

Regards from Mexico

Zoe Alzamora says:

Very well explained. So helpful, Thank you!

Eula Thompson says:

Hi Katrina, I was unable to unarchive Cyberduck. Can you recommend any
other FTP programmes? Thanks

Laura Anne says:

Katrina, do you know how to create an SFTP account in GoDaddy? I’m having

Miguel L. Yarrow says:


V. L. Freddy says:

Thank you!, you helped me a lot!

hina samio says:

really very good, excellent work, thanks

Peter Perfect says:

Never use FTP folks:- note 8:10. It has enough security holes to drive a
truck through! Use SFTP, File Manager(on CPanel) or SSH instead.

Thomas Conrad says:

Hi Katrina. You are such a pleasant person to listen to and are a superb
instructor. Would you recommend the 1 click child theme presented in this
link? It is called Themify-Child. It is supposed to work with any WP theme.

scentopink says:

I am using the plug-in Child Themify for using a child theme and using
Customizr Theme. What I don’t understand: should I activate the child theme
or the Customizr Theme?

Debo Akinyandenu says:

It’s complex but I admire your brilliancy.Don’t stop

Peter Iannacchino says:

Hi Katrina! First off I just want to say thank you for these videos. I am
experiencing an issue after putting the style.css and header.php into my
child theme folder. When I activate the child theme on wordpress things are
jumbled around and it doesn’t look right. I am doing this with the sixteen
theme but still followed the same format you presented on the video. It may
also be worth mentioning that I had to log into cyberduck with different
credentials as suggested by the host gator support team because I was
getting a 500 security error when attempting to copy the style.css into the
child theme folder. It worked but i’m not sure if that’s why my theme is
mixed up or something else. Any advice? Thanks in advance

hellofriend2012 says:

Hi, How have you learned so much about WordPress. I want to learn as well.
Could you please create a video on what resources to study in order to
learn WordPress. Ppl pls like it if you want it as well.

Kannan Singaravelu says:

do you a any short video on filezilla as I am using linux (ubuntu) and the
navigation there seems to be different than cyberduck. I am further unable
to get the theme file in the gedit file. Do I need to save the theme files
on my local drive? Look forward to your suggestions. Thanks

andrew liles says:

how do i get rid of just the home icon, that is linked to the main page. I
still wabt the original menu just not there little house icon..
thank you

Dan Jones says:

This is so good. Life. Saver.

Erika Verhoeven says:

Hi Katrinah, Thanks for your indept training: I’m working my way through a
few of them.With this one I run into despair – around 10 min in you open
the content of the style.css (in my case the lifestyle theme) – I just
don’t know how to access the content to get it into my notepad. Maybe
because the Cyberduck’s update? Or can you access files via TextEdit and
not through Notepad? Help! Thank you 🙂 Erika

Jayne Glynn says:

Hi Katrinah – I’m using the Virtue theme (using your vid to modify) then
saw this and realised I should create a child theme for it. Got to 10 mins
in, everything going well and then blah. When I open the Virtue folder –
style.css file all there is in there is a a description and marketing stuff
– no real code. When you look at the file in the directory it has a little
cog wheel on the file symbol (like a settings icon) not sure if that means
Any help for this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Andre Fauteux says:

Good Job Katrinah, I am using the same theme artificer and i am using
firebug to debug it , when i click to the middle menu like you , the
firebug is showing me style.css and you header.php . I make the
modification to the file header.php like you did. My question is why
firebug its not showing the same as you.

By the way you did a fantastic job,


Rocio Cruz says:

I have an another question, is it necessary to do it, if I have a genesis
theme?, in another hand if i have to do it anyway, is it the same to
utilize Child Theme Configurator plugin? thanks!!

uncleRayray00 says:

ar – tif – fice – cer artificer

Alex Mills says:

Hi would any of you know how edit php files like you would html in

so can see what im doing as i make changes

Tom's says:

Thank you for the tutorial Katrinah! I was happy to find your video, but
now after removing the primary bar as shown in the video the Checkout & My
Basket (Cart) button on the right side has gone as well! How do I place
them back? Thanks for your help!

Rocio Cruz says:

Hello!! I am enjoying your videos :)….I have a question in my crave theme
I dont find header.php in order to add it in the child theme..What I have
to do?

Thanks a lot!!

Lindsay Teale says:

HI Katrina, another brilliant video! One quick question ………I seem to
be getting a hot deals pop up on word press since downloading cyber duck
and I can’t get rid of it…….I am on a mac. Are you able to help? Many
thanks in advance!! :-)

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