Create a WordPress Theme

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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to Create a WordPress Theme from scratch.

Theme and Code is Here:


wu yan says:

excellent tutorial …

thx Derek and have a happy mid-autumn festival..

best wishes from hong kong..

Justin Ng.


Bradley Keane says:

As I watch you display the code for the middle containers it all seems to
be there but I do not have the box’s in the middle, the right widgets are
over next to the left column. I did change the setting to a static page at
one point and it moved the widgets over to the right and then I just have
one large content area in the middle. I like and want those 9-12 box’s in
the middle.

Bradley Keane says:

strike that last comment, I was making a silly error. It worked. I have it
on one of my sites. now let me see if I can customize it and work with it.
It only has two columns on the left right now. I will check your video out
for instructions

Bradley Keane says:

I tried to just install it in wordpress. It even wants a zip file but the
install failed and it won’t even recognize the extracted folder at all.
should I go back to the godaddy file manager?

Bradley Keane says:

where are those images that you copied into the blank image file? I copied
that code into the file manager of my host where I put the blank theme so
it only takes files not folders. when I open the blank theme in the file
manager I only see the files and not any folders.

Jason Jennings says:

his voice tone is kinda annoying…

Derek Banas says:

I’m glad you got it fixed 🙂

Derek Banas says:

You’re very welcome 🙂 Always feel free to ask questions. I’ll do my best
to help

Derek Banas says:

@donvodki I’m not sure where these odd characters are popping up. Give me
some more information and I’ll be glad to help

Steve W says:

for some reason the php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’) line for the css doesn’t
seem to be pointing to the style sheet called style.css and my styles are
not applying. Do you know what might be causing this?

Derek Banas says:

I have the blank theme on my site now. Look for it on this page
newthinktank . com/videos/web-programming/wordpress-how-to/ Thank you for
pointing out that it wasn’t easy to find 🙂

donvodki says:

@Seryosin ty my dear, it was the UTF-8 thing. solved it long ago 🙂

sk8erboy9465 says:

Thanks. And thank you for creating these videos. They are unique and well
put together. I will recommend you to my friends that are learning web
development with me. I always feel well prepared after watching you.

musicnanimalluver1 says:

What is the majority of this code written in?

Derek Banas says:

You’re very welcome 🙂 Im glad you enjoy them

Derek Banas says:

@supprof1 I’m hoping anyone will be able to make WordPress themes, plugins,
etc with these tutorials. I’m glad you liked every article. My site can get
kind of unorganized at times

Simas Stasys says:

i removed

Derek Banas says:

I have a copy of the blank theme here newthinktank.

pwrOverwhelming says:

subscribing thanks for the detail and well made tutorial 🙂

Simas Stasys says:

where’s download blank?

Derek Banas says:

The blank theme I use is here newthinktank.

Derek Banas says:

@supprof1 To gain a lot of traffic your not supposed to cover a bunch of
topics like I do. I just find it to be fun 🙂

Derek Banas says:

All of these themes still work in newer WordPress versions. I’m not
touching the WordPress base code, so there shouldn’t be any issues with
upgrading ever

Mohammad Chughtai says:

Where is the wordpress directory… I’m sorry – is there another pre-req to
this besides the layout tutorials?

jon snow says:

Hi Derek! Your videos helping us in a great way. They are extremely
helpful! Amazing that you are giving response to every followers comments
with patience and you are making us really comfortable with “stuff” 🙂 Well
i will be regular then 🙂 T h a n k s !!!

sk8erboy9465 says:

Could you do a simple press tutorial? It is a plugin for WordPress that
allows you to create forums.

Kush86o says:

I feel like none of these videos are tutorials. Just a lot of talking and
coding that doesn’t get explained. Tried starting the php tut, didnt learn
shit. Javascript, didn’t learn shit. But fuck it, atleast I know what the
coding should look like when its semi finished.

Derek Banas says:

Here you go wordpress.
org/support/topic/display-the-posts-of-one-category-in-a-page-solved I hope
that helps 🙂

matsumitsu95 says:

when i see you do that php, i’m glad to be using the ‘ Views module ‘, but
it’s interesting to see nonetheless.

Derek Banas says:

I have a bunch of them. Look for Increase Traffic to Website on my YouTube
channel. That will get you going

donvodki says:

@derekbanas tyvm! go to my website and click on I LIKE button on the
following post that is using special characters (my 1st language is
spanish) then go to your facebook wall and see whats the problem… the
special characters are changed to these weird simbols. please take a look.
tyvm again. the post is: donvodki . com/?p=261

jmbajane says:

ah.. nice vid =)

MartinOliSiin says:

Thank you! Greatt tutorials. 🙂 Just finished the “How to layout a website”

Derek Banas says:

You’re very welcome 🙂 Thank you very much for giving my tutorials a
chance. I know there is a lot of competition out there and I’m just a
little fish in a big pond

Derek Banas says:

Everything still works with the current wp. Most of what I do is pure CSS
and HTML so it should work for a long time

Junaid Abbas says:

CAN you make tutorials on SEO??????????? PLZ

zahraissa1984 says:


spiggy toppes says:

Phew…heavy heavy, but very GOOD. Thanks

someguy says:

Thanks so much for this! It’ll take a few more viewings, but your concise
manner and knowledge make it quite enjoyable.

Derek Banas says:

@gv222 They normally take a total of two hours a day to make. I don’t have
any other hobbies. I’m glad you liked it

jo Hanz says:

this isnt from scratch… and is there a slower version of this? its kind
of inconvenient to replay it over and over.

Derek Banas says:

@TheMelanieTube Sorry but I’m not sure what you are asking for. All of the
files are saved in the wp-content directory in themes. Is that the question

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