Create WordPress Theme from Scratch

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Here is how to create a wordpress theme. Ill do it the wordpress minimalist way so you can customize it any way you like. It’s not that bad once you see! Have fun!



do you have to use the beans application or can you use Dreamweaver? thanks

phonebook45 says:

Very spazzy and unorganized but lots of little spurts of good information

Matteus Barbosa says:

Great introduction, +JREAM ! I have some worthly stuff to share and make
this thing better:

1) BOOTSTRAP IT ! You guys can make your CSS styles based on a distro of
bootstrap pattern! It is a very good practice and make all your jobs look
more professional and easier to maintain and modify! Just load it’s API +
your style.css. Below you can download a variety of BOOTSTRAP AWESOME THEMES


2) Watch the video is a great boost to motivate and show you how easy is
the thing, but don’t forget about deeply knowledge! The best practice is to
study the official documentation standards of every technology you r


3) HTML5 – Stop reinventing the same stuff a thousand times. You can adopt
this HTML5 page pattern as a good practice on every project start, and
discard sectors that you don’t need:


Any questions may be posted here! Cheers.

Michaël Garcia says:

Hi +JREAM , many thanks for this video. It was very helpfull.
However, when i’m on my dashboard and when I want to create a new article,
I can’t see the ‘Featured image’ plugin (usually located at the right
bottom of the page). I’ve been wondering how I can activate it ?

Thank you from France.

MontrealMarek says:

Great video. Short and to the point.

Roi Abrazaldo says:

This is the video that leads me to where I am now about wordpress. Thank
you very much! I can create plugins & themes now :D

Aravind A says:

both thumps up and down :/

Kamaal Franklin says:

I like your tutorial just don’t know how to setup netbeams so I can start
customizing my site. When your tutorial starts you are already have netbeam
up but I don’t know know to add my wordpress folder 

Joe Richards says:

Hello, this video is great! Thanks for posting. I love seeing how you work
through the problems as you come across them also. 

sakib ahmed says:

Oh hai! Have you considered – TK Explosion Easy Website Builder (search on
google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my BF got cool money
with it.

arun katal says:

Wow ! it’s good

LosEagle says:

When you are making a videos doing things “from scratch” you should really
explain all the new things that appears in there. Otherwise its nothing but
an expectation that people will just keep retyping your code without
knowing whats going on. Not everyone wants to create things this way…

nocrodomus says:

really good tutorial man, i just have a question.
Is there a specific reason of why you must have the header the footer and
the sidebar in different files instead of just put it all together in a
single one.
Or at least please provide me of a place where i can get more detail about

Jorge Torneria says:

Awesome video man. Definitely a primer to learn more. Gonna watch all your
developer videos soon!

lindsmcw says:

Thanks JREAM lots of helpful info there. Very good tutorial for creating WP

Minh Tri says:


Dave Visaya says:

I enjoyed this! thanks for sharing man!

Johnnie Torres says:

This may be Single-handedly the best wordpress tutorial on the entire
inter-webs. Do you have one for integrating a mobile version of a template?

Moon Walker says:

only a show off

Kameron Mertz says:

It’s rough, but you cover a lot of important ground. Good stuff.

Laurie Kingdon says:

Thumbs are a thumpin’ all the way up!! Great video

satish namagiri says:

Thank you for the tutorial, its more useful for me. But the weird sounds
from your mouth are little disturbing in the video. LOL…

Hondazinho CP says:

help – Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in
DiretorioTema/index.php on line 15. IN LINE 15 THERES NOTHING.

Szarik1989 says:

the best sourceof knowledge for beginners in the internet yours nmistakes
also were helpfull

Tong DpOiJaInNo says:

Thank for your are learning. Great!

nightwidow says:


Rawa SleMani says:

Thank you… Help ful!

netfischer says:

dayumn finally some theming basics for non-retards

okegima says:

this tutorial is useless ! The host roll back a lot. Really, it’s a wast of
time for those who are looking for advanced content.

NexxozProductions says:

Great tutorial and fun to see 😛 all those mistakes. love it 

so tyler says:

Thank you, I like the way you explain, very clear and concise., good work.
This has been very useful. ;)

Elias Salehi says:


Xanatissimo says:

Awesome vid, really. And you are a funny guy. I just started php, html and
css by myself and this is really helpfull. I am going to try to have some
fun and create my own wordpress theme now.


easy to understand.
thanks you!!!

sigg3net says:

Great tutorial, dude!
It’s nice to see someone stumble around typos, like we all do in RL:)

Deha Ender says:

If you are not good enough coder to create the theme you want, you may want
to purchase some. If that’s the case, I recommend They have themes
apart from wordpress as well. And if you are good enough, you could try to
sell yours there in the future, it’s a pretty decent marketplace.

Brittany Piercy says:

How do you get that PHP WordPress on your netbeans to be able to make a new
folder and CSS sheet in the very beginning? I don’t know how to add the
wordpress to the side.

IgouMedia says:

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