Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 3) – Child Themes

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Learn how to create WordPress child themes and their value to us as they allow for updates to the parent theme (without erasing our customizations), while it simplify the code we need to manage to customize our site.


Alexeis Bejide says:


Y. Li says:

Thanks a lot! 

davematthews414 says:

I’m familiar with the basics of html and css and have been given the
responsibility of editing my first WordPress site which I have to say was a
little daunting, until I watched your videos. Your explanations about how
Wordpress and Themes actually work, along with how to separate the
customisation have clarified so many things for me. I can’t thank you
enough for taking the time to post this.

Francesco M says:


Crispin Kalala says:

Excellent tutorial, thanks for sharing!

Michelle Chen says:

Hi Thanks for this helpful tutorial. Is it possible that I just copy the
style-css that we have customized on parent theme, to child theme . And
then just modify the style.css from there? I have seen you re type all
codes that were customized before onto child style.css. Wouldn’t this be
easier just copy and modify , instead of re type the whole codes ? thanks,
kind regards 

Ric Esteban says:

Hi Mike, Great Videos! I created a Child Theme, but for some reason when I
make CSS changes on my Child Theme’s style.css editor page, the changes
don’t reflect on my website. I am not working with Dreamweaver. I’m adding
the CSS code directly on WordPress, using the dashboard’s editor’s page. If
you have any ideas or suggestions as to why this is happening I’ll
appreciate your feedback. Thanks again for your videos

Harshana Saparamadu says:

A love You Man! You’re Great Keep it Up!

All Asia says:

Great, Nice video,
Could you please give next video URL?

Tonys Best Way says:

Too great. Could I offer a suggestion? Could you go back to Part 2 and add
a caption at the front and end saying “Wait; don’t DO this until you view
Part 3” I didn’t even know you made a part 3 until I looked all the vids
you made. (Being very impressed 🙂 Maybe a link to part 3 in the
description too? Thanks

Bohne Forsberg says:

One more thought Mike… is there an advantage to using dreamweaver for
opening and editing and closing your .css files that is safer and more
preferred than the EDITOR in WP… I was curious about your opinion and

so tyler says:

I am so greatfull for your video, thank you

Bohne Forsberg says:

Mike you are awesome!!!!!, I have been struggling with these small but
significant “little black hole” parent child procedures!!!! awesome!!!!!,
you have totally saved my day… even your small spelling mistakes in code
is very real to what happens to me and the way you investigated it was
expert… I also appreciate your “firebug” element inspect procedure… I
thought I understood that well… after watching you…. you cleared up
many foggy concepts I had…. right on!!!!. I’m watching all your stuff
again brillant!!!!

Xavier Orellana says:

Good video. . . Congrats!!!

Rennie Madziyauswa says:

Thank you so much for this series its been very helpful to me. God bless

SterlingMode says:

Thanks Mike. Excellent tutorial. Very detailed. 

Aciscl1o says:

Best WordPress Video Tutorials for Begginners I’ve ever seen. I hope you
teach us much more about working with CSS and PHP. Thank you!

Black Jack says:

I use GIMP and XAMPP, but no Photoshop, Dreamweaver, nor WAMP;
yet this tutorial trio has been a big help in understanding wordpress theme
customization. Thanks.

LadyVuk says:

Hi Mike! Great video! I have a question – do I really need plugin to create
a child theme? Can I do it somehow manual? And how?

Carlos Cossio says:

Man..! You’re a very good teacher! … thanks a lot

IOAN says:

This is so great,keep up the good work !

nigel zhuwaki says:


John Bara says:

Great vids. Thank you! 

Paraz Ali says:

thank you very much.. you are brilliant, but main thing is you are kind
heart also.. :)

Ryan Brewer says:

Dude, awesome tutorial series you have here. So incredibly helpful. Two
things though; wouldn’t it be easier to just copy the rules you changed and
paste them into the new stylesheet? Why did you copy the old theme at the
very beginning and then never use it? 

igoyzigong says:

I am agree.. Is the best. Mike thank you very much. 

cerebralpig says:

Brilliant! Thank you.

trala prala says:


Jozef Sedlak says:

by far, the best tutorials for wordpress editing!!! All your videos are
easy to understand, straight to the point, great video quality! make some
more tuts please! Just watching you in a few day I have done that! …my first web ever, still under construction!

FillUpMySenses says:

Awesome man! You rock! That really helped. 

firstmonte says:

There is a playback issue with video #3. it never stop buffering

John Haynes says:

Excellent three tutorials, well paced, clear and very helpful, well done

zambarani says:

Never seen any video so comprehensive as your video. It was greattttt.
Thanks sooo much you’re brilliant 

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