Customizing WordPress #1 – How To Create A Child Theme

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The 1st video in the new Customizing WordPress video series. Here we show you how create a child theme in WordPress.

Code used:

Theme Name: Level Up Child
Theme URI: http://wordpress:8888/
Description: This is a child theme of 2014
Author: Scott Tolinski
Author URI:
Template: twentyfourteen
Version: 0.1

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Richard Carter says:

Five and half minutes of unnecessary information, unrelated to the title,
at the beginning of the video. Enough to make one very impatient.

Caitlin Blakeley says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial. It was extremely helpful as I am new
to wordpress. I am completely new to web design and have been struggling
because after creating the style.css file for my child theme on my
dashboard under appearance>themes, an error reads “The following themes are
installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.” Do
you know why this may be happening?

David Hoggan says:

ugh – this video makes me feel like I know absolutely nothing (probably
because I do) – hopefully one day this will be relevant to my current
understanding. ha!

Ali G says:

start listening at 3:11

apgn20 says:

Hi! Where do you open the file to update it and add the child them?

Should I go into the file manager in my cpanel?

kperry5000 says:

Transforming into a carrot at 2:30

Yonathan Sebhastian says:

hello, may I ask what font face are you using for the editor? TIA

Tears of youtube says:

how can you easily change the directory with the sublime text, I’m using go
daddy I have to upload the file each time. and download the file each time
which is a hassle sorry newbie here.

Allan Nielsen says:

HI, nice video. I do though have some problems. I did as you are doing in
your vid step by step, using twenty fourteen, sublime text3(free version),
and i have done several times now. but when I am going back to my homepage
and theme, there is only the original twenty fourteen theme, any ideas why
that can be? thx

Agata N. says:

Thanks Scott, this was really helpful!

erdem says:

Hello Scott,

I have a question about the child theme. It may sound silly though. I am a
newbie in all of this stuff.

Let’s say I have a paid (premium) wordpress theme and I want to change the
background images. Is this “child theme” the way to do that? Would there
be a license problem if I took such an action? I mean are the companies who
create these themes OK with these modifications?

Thanks in advance.

& thanks for the video, it helped a lot.

The Horticultural Channel ( says:

Do you make themes for other websites? Well, not a theme but a section for
a website.

Sean Walker says:

Jesus dude, you talk too much. Just get straight to the point. I don’t know
how many times you tell people to not modify the core theme. We get it.
Please just show us how to create a child theme. I’m at 4:27 and you
haven’t said anything yet.

Gyrel Dagooc says:

I tried to create style on my child theme buy it didn’t override the style
from parent theme..

Sonja Berger says:

I tried this with twentyforteen and it worked fine. But when I’m using my
bones theme, it doesn’t work thou I altered the @import for the REAL
style.css (see below) Anyone an idea why it still won’t import the parent
css from bones?

@import url(“../bones/library/css/style.css”);

Jarrett Shelton says:

How did you get all of your WordPress files into your text editor?

Vitaliy Kolos says:

Thanks for the video guys. Would that be possible to walk us through more
in-depth? Like how to properly do this and that because I got the idea in
general but if I go in the actual nitty gritty it gets a bit overwhelming
from time to time 🙂 

Richard Walton says:

Great post, I am new to wordpress and am looking forward to your other

TehRiceCake says:

how did your theme automatically update on wp – don’t you have to upload
the .zip file for it?

Avishek Gyawali says:

for me it says install the parent theme though its already been installed.
i m using zeetasty theme. please suggest

JennieMiss says:

Thank-you very much for this! 

James Schlecht says:

You talk to much, I wish you would get to the point.

Enysy says:

Please take this as positive criticism as it is meant to be. I do
presenting on tech as part of my vocation. My comments are more on the
presentation than the information.

Pros: Good information and truly relevant for WordPress users, especially
newbies. I am sure you are very skilled with the tech and your desire is
to communicate that to others. It is appreciated.

Cons: Way too many words to say what you want to say. Some unnecessary
repetition. Presentation felt unplanned and “off the cuff”. This was
evident for example where you would start to use an example, then just
abandon it. Did this a few times. With better planning as to what you
were going to say and a bit of outlining, you could have done a more effect
presentation in a fraction of the time. The presentation skill took away
from the effectivness of communicating the content. Was a distraction and
thus harder to follow.

Try not to say “Ah”. Saying “Ah” a lot, is often a strong indicator that
you have not thought out what you are going to say. Make us confident in
your knowledge by being confident in your presentation. When you are
confident and organized in your presentation, we as listeners are more
confident that “we can do it too”.

Practice makes perfect. Please don’t be discouraged. Presenting is a
skill just like coding. Learn and keep at it. What you have to share is
valuable. The “package” adds value.

LevelUpTuts says:
Robert Howe says:

I’m on a google chromebook, how do you open the file of the website :-/

cottontailcustoms says:

Can I create this child theme folder in my netfirms cpanel file manager?
And how did you get your themes files in sublime text 3? I guess I need an
even more basic tut.

Parth Nanavati says:


for me

@import url(“../twentyfourteen/style.css”);

is not working

I’m using XAMPP with bitmany wordpress install…

any help plz


Yes, show us some Atom!

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