Customizing Your WordPress Child Theme – Getting Started

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Close After making a WordPress child theme and activating it, it’s time to customize it. Give it a look and functionality that will separate it from its original parent theme. For the code that I used in this video go to my website.



nice video, i suggest breaking it up in to several smaller parts as the
initial few minutes were very basic. Thanks!

Tonys Best Way says:

Nice; really nice. Thanks!

Tyler Miroe says:

Hi, I am trying to customize my child theme in 2013….the only change I
was able to do was remove the search bar….I am using firebug…Also, I am
trying to customize the nav bar…but everytime I move my curser to copy
the css….the coding moves…and I did click the menu bar so to keep it in

estv872 says:

Followed all the steps from the Codex but my child theme for twenty twelve
still has a line in the Manage Themes section that says: “This child theme
requires its parent theme, Twenty Twelve.” I followed one of your other
videos and am doing the exact same thing as you. Is the message I’m getting
an error message or is that just a reminder?

estv872 says:

Mari- See below in the all comments. I replied to you in the wrong spot

estv872 says:

I was going to use the plug in, but when I went to install it, there is a
warning that it has not been tested in the twentytwelve version of wp.

mariwriterdesigner says:

There is one other option you have here. You can use a plugin called
Wordpress One Click Child Theme. You can find it in the WordPress plugins.

mariwriterdesigner says:

Did you start by using the theme settings in WordPress? In the WP
dashboard, scroll down to Appearance, and right below that should be
“Background.” You can change the background color right there.

estv872 says:

Yes, the parent theme is in my Themes folder. Here is the path:
/public_html/wp-content/themes The parent theme folder is named
twentytwelve. In the same locatiion (i.e. same path as above) I created the
child theme folder named: twentytwelvechild. Within the twentytwelvechild
folder is the style sheet. I kept the style.css real simple: /* Theme Name:
Twenty Twelve Child Template: twentytwelve */ @import

mack364am says:

thanks for the video

coolcatt654 says:

I found this really helpful thank you!

oran tene says:

you are great !

mariwriterdesigner says:

Is the parent theme in your Themes? You have to have it there for the child
theme to work. Also, did you make sure that your child theme properly
identifies which is its parent theme? When I put this tute together, I
referred to the twentyeleven theme. If you’re making a child theme for the
twentytwelve theme, then, make sure you’re making that reference in the

Clare Holbrook says:

Do you know how to change the body background colour. I am using the same
technique but it’s not working.

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