How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch with the Divi Builder – tutorial

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Close for more about the Divi Builder from Elegant Themes to build a WordPress website from scratch. Below you see the sections of the above video (on how to build a wordpress website from scratch) and if you click the respective link under the section name, you will go directly to that section, which means it is easy to go instantly to the part you need help on.

An Overview Of The Divi Builder

Using The Theme Customizer In Divi

Adding A Custom Logo Image In Divi

Creating Mega Menus In Divi

Using The Blog Module In Divi

Using The Blurb Module In Divi

Using The Call To Action In Divi

Using The Contact Form Module In Divi

Using The Counters Module In Divi

Using The Divider Module In Divi

Using The Full Width Header Module

Using The Image Module In Divi

Using The Portfolio Module in Divi

Using The Pricing Tables In Divi

Using The Shop Module In Divi

Using The Sidebar Module In Divi

Using The Slider Module In Divi

Using The Subscribe Module In Divi

Using The Tabs Module In Divi

Using The Testimonials Module In Divi

Using The Text Module In Divi

Using The Toggles Module In Divi

Using Premade Layouts In Divi

Saving Loading Layouts In Divi

How To Import And Export Saved Layouts In Divi

Using The Divi Theme Options

Creating Projects In Divi

So far about the Divi WordPress Theme and the Divi WordPress Theme tutorial.

Some more links with tutorials on how to build a WordPress website from scratch:


WordpressExamples says:

Check out the new release date of Divi 2.0 here:

Kevin Lunt says:

The Elegant Themes tutorials are helpful but painfully slow ><

WordpressExamples says:

Don’t forget, all technical queries can be answered here:

WordpressExamples says:

Okay, Elegant Themes just broke the world record. Got an answer to my
question through support WITHIN ONE MINUTE. Not only that… I had TWO
support members answering my question on Divi 2.0. Fastest WordPress
service ever. Check out the forum here:

Todd Combs says:

WTF?!! My “Full Image Header” image will NOT cover the full size of the
screen…like in this tutorial…why???????? 

Diego Falcón says:

Excellent tutorial +WordpressExamples 

selflovecenter says:

Hi. Thanks for sharing. I’m giving this a try and i like it. How do you use
the blog as the home page using the blog modules and insert a slider. In
the blog tutorial i don’t see a button sayin “Use page builder”. Thanks
again. Dios te bendiga.

Mark Ryan says:

Great Video!
What kind of mic are you using?
Or the guy doing most of the video?

Luar Chitara says:

Hello, would it be possible you enable subtitles on your video? Because I
do not speak much English but I assistilo to apply on my blog with the
theme Divi.
Thank you !!

Eric Martinez says:

I wish you guys close captioned this video. My web designer is deaf.

Milo Eftov says:

Is Divi 2.0 Automatically included in the package?

icoco_de says:

Maybe one proposal: Why not add the approximate duration of each tutorial
section to the contents overview above? 

Successful with UYE says:

Excellent video.

Jean-Marie DABBAGHIAN says:

Lots of thanks from France ! very helpful to understand how to enhance my
wp website. but I have a question: I want to integrate a vimeo video in
a fullwidth slider but when i give the link the video is not centered and
is at the bottom of my section. I would be able to uploaded in .mp4 and
.web and the play with the width and height but I won’t be able anymore to
get the statistics of the video on my vimeo account. Help please 🙂 Thx a
lot !!!

Milo Eftov says:

Good bye Dreamweaver!!!

icoco_de says:

Thank you for this excellent in depth tutorial. Answered all of my
questions about Divi so far.

Ani Max says:

Very very good ………………………. many thanks

Milo Eftov says:

Great video. Just purchased the package… A designers dream come true.

Pembrokeshire Online says:

My afternoons entertainment!

Corey Harris says:

Absolutely EXCELLENT tutorial!

Agustín Castillo says:

From Venezuela, Excellent tutorial, congratulations for this valuable
contribution! Elegant Themes the best of the best!, I am a customer of
elegant themes and my life has become easier. thanks to the team of elegant
themes! Agustin Castillo

nitin bhoasle says:

guys please tell me can i make magzine blog using divi theme.? appreciate
for your help.

Karen Bogan says:

OMG it doesn’t get any easier than Divi! I just started and it works just
like he says in the video. This is a fun way to build a web site for a
beginner like me. 

Brigit Thurstan says:

My afternoons entertainment!

Jose Valentin says:

Is there any way to take the divi out of the top header ?

Simon Pole says:

Excellent and clearly explained video tutorial.

lisa erez says:

This is great. I am a wordpress newbie and a bit fearful of it. But this is
so easy. I am buying elegant theme package tomorrow. thanks for introducing
this plugin builder.

Nigel Griffiths says:

I am halfway through this vid & it is excellent….Oh boy does it blow
other Theme’s away!! 

Laura Cervenka says:

Thank you for the video!
Is divi available on the $39 plan or do you need to go for the developer

Holdburg John says:

Thank You for putting this together.

Stefan kiss says:

@WoerpressExample can you please tell me if the images in the slider are
indexed with Google? I would like to know if I can use the build in slider
for SEO. Thanks

4yourCNA says:

I just updated my WordPress and downloaded Divi. Working on the new site.
But MY pagebuilder does not show sections at all so I can’t change section
colors, etc. I can get the columns and modules and have been working with
these but I want more customization. This video shows a different user
experience that what I am getting. What am I doing wrong?

Dragoș Bragă says:

Hello, Thanks a lot for this helpful tutorial, it helps me a lot in
customizing my wordpress website. I would like to know where can i find or
what would be the name for the ink demo video background which appears in
1:11:45 time from this video.

I appreciate a lot your reply, Thanks :)

Toda Zen says:

hey, what do I do with my homepage? I can edit all pages, but the homepage
stays like a blog…

51miked says:

Thanks for the effort for putting the videos together

WordpressExamples says:

All technical questions can be answered here:

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