How to Create a WordPress Child Theme – Twenty Thirteen Theme or Any Theme!

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Close for the complete child theme code.

Learn how to easily create a WordPress child theme by following along–I even have the code for you on my website. I use the Twenty Thirteen theme, but you can make a child theme for any WordPress theme – beginners welcome!

WordPress codex:


Mike Simmons says:

Creating a WordPress child theme is easy, and saves you some time and
trouble -if you make any changes at all to your theme, you may lose them
all when your theme updates unless you have a childtheme… it! :)

Janis McAdoo says:

Thank you! I was so intimidated when I read “child theme”. You made it so

Cameron McCool says:

Thanks for creating this tutorial Mike. It helped me out a lot :)

aneta otkala says:

Thanks a lot 😉 it was a very helpful video for me ;)

Kailus Coleman says:

your the best teacher/tutor I have ever had and we have never met.. ponder
that… amazing sir!

Kelvin Moore says:

Unfortunately the code you show in the video doesn’t match the one on your
site. Copied the code anyway and the result is my site was a mess with the
child theme!
Had to revert to the main theme . 

Ewelina Suchowolec says:

I was doing exactly what you suggested and it still shows a message “The
parent theme is missing. Please install the “twentythirteen” parent

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