How To Create A WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme Child Theme Walk Through Tutorial

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Written instructions and more can be found in the post

This simple tutorial walks you through the stages of creating a child theme for WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme.

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WordOnWheels says:

I followed each and every single step you made, pausing the vid and making
sure the code and etc was exactly the same and when I activate child theme
the web site went completely black, everything, could only see the words of
the top menu, and that was it, and the powered by wordpress down the
bottom, what is going wrong with my version ? what could be the issue ? I
copied and created the entire footer.php as well in the child theme and to
see if I could make it say powered by me and have it linked to another web
site, which I did, but the entire site went black, any ideas what could
have caused that to happen ?

Michelle Chen says:

Hi thanks for this tutorial. I tried every step from your video. But I do
not have editor on my screen such as yours. Can you help advise how to add
this edit onto my cyberduck so that I can past the edit the child them
code. thank you so much. 

Kilmurry.Com says:

Hi I copied over your zipped files to twentyfourteenCHILD folder and
enabled child theme but it was all over the place. Do I need to do
something else. I followed the video closely.

Elangovan Palaniappan says:


vishal vishwakarma says:

can u tell how to increase the width of page and remove “Proudly powered by

vishal vishwakarma says:

Nice tutorial..

Donte Bolden says:

Where do you go to get those functions and logo into header?

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