How To Create A WordPress Website For Your Business! CUSTOMIZR 2013 Theme (NEW)

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How to create a website for your small business that looks AMAZING for less than $25?! In this vid, learn how to create a fantastic business website using “Customizr”, a gorgeous FREE theme for the new WordPress 3.6, developed by Themes & Co.

Responsive, minimalist, and photo-centric, the Customizr WordPress theme allows you to customize every post and page on your website with its own layout and full-width slider image.

Built with HTML5 and CSS3 upon the fantastic Twitter Bootstrap, Customizr provides built-in design features that are often found in premium themes. This theme would be great for a business website.


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Enjoy : )

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77webstudio says:

+Yvonne F Brown Hi Yvonne, I just checked my demo site and the Customize
panel works well, so it may be your installation. I’m using Customizr
version 3.1.22. Perhaps you can try re-installing the theme? Also, I’m
using WordPress 4.0 which was just released today. Finally, there are
sometimes plugin issues – perhaps try turning off all plugins temporarily,
then checking the Customize panel to see if it works, then turn on plugins
one at a time to see which one is causing the issue. Hope this helps.

77webstudio says:

thank you so much for your nice comment, mike! so glad the videos are
helpful to you : ) +mike hamilton 

Deanil Vicente says:

Thank you so much ms Katrina. I’m gonna use this ideas on my future
projects 😀 God bless and take care. Cheers!

Charron Gardner says:

How can you change the menu to this theme?

Christian Reiss says:

I am so new to creating a website but am also very excited to get going. I
am using godaddy with wordpress and customizr from their site. Ok so here
is my question/comment. I am only able to log into the admin site from the
godaddy plesk panel. Cannot log in from the actual domain /wp-admin. And
When I click on the “home’ button I see the website “launching soon” page
not the home page from the wordpress dashboard. Whew. Can anyone offer a

Glenn Buckman says:

This is a great video for a beginner like me. Thanks much!

mrgttnnbm says:

I actually took a class about web designing and yet, our professor never
really taught us the actual SET-UP of a WordPress site that is created
through a hosted domain name. I am a graphic designer, and starting my own
little company / website, and this video truly saved my life. Thank you,

Shannon Fitzgerald says:

Your videos are so helpful, clear, and easy to follow! Thank you!!

David Tan says:

Hi Katrina, thank you very much on your customizr tutorial. I really enjoy
it and have learned alot from you session which is a benefit to my career
as WordPress trainer in Singapore. Btw i alway have many real estate
enquiry so do you also have real estate video? Thanks.
David – websprout academy of Singapore

Kinga Próchniewicz says:

You are osome! Thank you very much! it’s very heplful for me. thanks a lot

Terry Elston says:

Thank you for very clear instructions Katrina! On the new version of
Customizr, there doesn’t see to be the extensive choice on pages and posts
for things like turn comments on or off. I look in the customizit left hand
side bar under comments etc but still could’t see how to turn on and off
comments in new version. In your videos, the boxes are obviously simply
under the blogs themselves….

Victor James Sr says:

Katrina, I posted this question a few days ago and yet, it doesn’t appear
in the thread of comments/questions below…at the 1:09:48 mark you
demonstrate how to use WordPress to create the code to place the pic and
caption for the pic in the lower left corner of the footer. I followed your
instructions to the letter, but I have code information displayed along
with the caption. How do you remove the unwanted code from the caption?

Beverly Hardy says:

Thank you so much! Awesome video. First one of yours I have watched.
Will be a fan forever.

Marian Dinneen says:

Videos are so good, thanks Katrina.

Iven Aguisanda says:

Thank you very much Katrina :)

Matt McClure says:

This is a great video. Thanks for making it and sharing it! I have an
inkling that you might be Canadian based on your accent.

WordOnWheels says:

has something changed with customizr ? i add new page and edit it and leave
discussion checked as well as allow comments and allow trackback and
pingbacks ( whatever they are ) and on the page after publish / update
there is no area for anyone to leave comment, i deactivate and reactivate
all my active plugins and uncheck and recheck the discussion and allow
comments etc and update back n forth, but still no spot for anyone on the
page to leave comment, is there a fix for this ?

Celeste Booysen says:

Hi Katrina, great video! I’m having trouble pasting text in onto my pages
though, a message comes up on the screen saying that pasting is in plain
text mode and will paste as plain text until option is toggled off…how do
I fix this?

JON Gergeceff says:

KATRINA, Thank you so much for all of your hard work and great tutorials. I
hope you know how much people appreciate it.

ali asghar says:

That was a very educational video about how to build a web page, than you

Magic Flute says:

Hi Katrinah, this is absolutely top drawer!

Mr Nasro says:

Thank you for this !

Aquatic Care Specialist says:

Thank you! With the help from video I was able to customize a widget in
WordPress. :)

Dave Watkns says:

Awesome video. Learned so much on using the WordPress Customizr theme. I
only wish I had seen the video prior to undertaking the creation of the
website on my own. Oh the hours I of self-teaching would have been greatly
reduced. Again, THANK YOU!!!

Oscar Lopez says:

OMG Katrinah, you make it look so goooood and simple… I’ve looked at this
videos several times now to really capture the ideas. Have a question, Can
you add music to this type of web site to make it even more customized< I think it would be really cool. At this point I'm just getting ideas to create by the end of the month. Pls let me know and congrats, you are a real pro at this. Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge. Oscar

Stafon Levine says:

Katrina… is there any way to change the height of the slider. By default
its 500px, but I prefer to have it have that size IF POSSIBLE. I have
tried to edit the php files from 500 to 225, but that didn’t seem to
work. Thanks in advance. BTW… EXCELLENT VIDEO!!! 

Denise Szelagowski says:

I cannot find “Jetpack Comment” plug in. I don’t think its offered anymore.
Is there another plug-in you would recommend?

Adrian Gonzalez says:

you just saved me a lot of time, i was getting quite lost till i watched
your video. THKS A LOT

Felisa Wieser says:

You mentioned sub pages, I would love to know about how they work!

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