How to create, install and use a WordPress child theme

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In this tutorial, I walk through the basic steps needed to create a WordPress child theme for any WordPress theme. You can see the full post here:


Vidhyadhar Bhagwat says:

Good One. Very impressive.

How2win7 says:

Thanks! Great explanation.

WordOnWheels says:

you wouldnt happen to know how to remove or change the Designed by Themes &
Co ·in the Customizr theme or the Powered by Mantra & WordPress. in the
mantra theme by any chance would you ?

rahul chelat says:

thanks very much…super simple and very straight forward demonstration….

Liz Williams says:

Awesome tutorial, this helped me get my child theme all set up, thank you!

WordOnWheels says:

wow you made something SOOOOO COMPLICATED and impossible to understand
which nobody could explain or understand into something so simple and so
easy to understand

naim shoib says:

Thank you and pay you a compliment for your kind effort to make so simple
and comprehensive.

Kym Moulds says:

A great simple explanation of Child Themes that anyone can understand.
Great job.

Susan Davis says:

I worked on this for several hours and this is what I got…The package
could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of
Central Dir Record signature

Tonys Best Way says:

BEST one I’ve found. Thanks!

Cyndi Yarinakis says:

Susan Davis, I had the same issue. However, what I realized I needed to do
was to right click the style.css after I had downloaded it to my desktop
and open it with …..(textedit). It worked for me and everything works now
for my child theme when I downloaded it in my wordpress. 

isabel fernandez says:

Hi Will,
Thanks for the great video! I have a question that may be dumb but I still
wanted to ask you… If I am not making any modifications to my theme
(yet), can I just work on the parent theme for now, including downloading
Thank you!!

Lars Sonck says:

Thank you for a clear and illustrative teaching. Can one use a child theme
to create an additional and somewhat different from the default template
for pages and still also use the default

Elad Shoham says:

creating a theme @ 04:28

CoffeeAddikshun1 says:

This was a great tutorial… I’ve been messing around for hours trying
text-based tutorials on other sites with no luck… this WP beginner
appreciates your help!

Darin Simonson says:

I am a web designer and I just created a bunch of video tutorials about
wordpress. WordPress experts say that this is the most extensive wordpress
course ever. I uploaded a sample part of the training course on my channel.
go check it out….

Sandy Moore says:

This video did the trick Will and was very easy to follow. My child theme
was up and running in 20 mins.

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