How to customize wordpress twenty twelve theme

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Learn how to customize the default WordPress twenty twelve theme.

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Steven Pang says:

Thanks Ryan. Helps me to overcome the bottlenecks to set-up twenty-twelve.

evrensel sirlar says:

thank you, tutorial is really helps

Ivan Tucker says:

Hello Ryan, many thanks for posting this. I chose 2012 as a template
because i didn’t like 2014. However, i find that even though i follow all
the instructions on your menus tutorial, it will not let me create
drop-down menus in 2012. If i change to 2014, the drop-down menus are there
(I have the pages listed correctly in terms of parent, order etc). Bit in
2012, no drop-downs, and if you drag menus to the indented position and
‘Save changes’, the indent disappears. Is it just that 2012 doesn’t
actually support drop-down menus?

Titanperla says:

This helped me a lot today when starting to use wordpress! 😀 Thank you
very much!

Astrifiammantable says:

Thanks a lot! The best tutorial I found.

Curtis Anderson says:

Great information. Very helpful.

Nancy A says:

When I uploaded my Header Image all went well.
Too bad I can’t say the same for my second image.
I’ve been attempting to add a scalable vector GIF, saved for Web and
devices, 700W x 190H. Looks fine in Photoshop and Illustrator. When I
upload it to the WordPress media library (Twenty-Twelve theme) it becomes
blurry. I’ve altered the image size in the Text tab to be the same size as
the image (it was automatically scaled down). The resolution in Photoshop
is 72. Any help appreciated!

Shar Shabazi says:

I checked your website”createmarketgrow” and I just want to thank you
again! I found the answer to many of my questions there. You Rock!! :))

Shar Shabazi says:

Thank you :))

Skopelos says:

Great stuff Ryan…this has got to be the most comprehensive guide on
customisation! Have also commented on your site. Thank you for these
resources..! One think I have a question for if you don’t mind: In my menu,
when I add a page attribute and save, it doesn’t show on the website…any
idea why..?

Terrainosaur says:

Brilliant and thorough.

Emma Coombs says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! massive help! :)

Charles Tate says:

Awesome! Thank you kindly.

Michael Belk says:

Thanks a lot, I did not know about this feature.

Roger Abiza says:

I’m using this theme for almost one year.

I never know that i can do so much approvement to my web site.

Thank you for this video

roger from France.

Tim Schuler says:

Thanks Ryan – I’m updating my website/blog and found a few useful things I
hadn’t picked up first time round.

Paulette Quann says:

Thank you so very much for the tutorial. Very generous of you.
I can move forward with confidence now.
To Your Success,

Steven Le says:

Is there a way to change the link of the header image? 

flap says:

Very Helpful! keep making videos like this!

Cong ZENG says:

Hi Ryan, thanks for these tutorials…Well, I have the WordPress-3.8, and I
prefer to adopt different menus for particular pages. So should I build up
some page templates for these particular pages with corresponding menus or
other suggestions please?

Adele Marie says:

Thank Goodness I found you!! Great stuff – I have been searching for hours
to find this.

Kiplimo Kibet says:

job well done, thank you!

Rob van den Brand says:

Great video, thanks.

Create Market Grow says:

Hey Rox, Thanks for your comment and I’m glad your found it useful. Much

Jo Macdonald says:

Given you a well deserved thumbs up! Thank you, you have put a lot of work
into your videos.Your clear instructions will help anyone along the way of
building their own website. Have subscribed to your videos and look forward
to more! I have an ecommerce site, but have not got a blog yet. Something I
have been meaning to do for years! Hope to tie a blog onto the website to
help with SEO etc. Been hit by the BIG google updates, hits to my site
reduced dramatically which has hit sales figures!

Rox Rich says:

Great video! very instructive, thanks so much for sharing

Deanne Peterson says:

Great video – very informative!! One thing I was hoping was editable was on
the blog page, displaying posts as an “introduction” instead of the full
article. Is this possible?

Jo Macdonald says:

Thanks for your shared sympathy Ryan. No the site has been built by a
developer. There are some custom pages that I needed to have on the site. I
add products etc through CMS. It’s quite a complicated back end office. Ive
contacted you though your website to ask about which theme you could advise
me to possibly use.

Create Market Grow says:

gpalhagomes, thanks. There’s no way of doing it without changing your css.
If you’re still interested, go to Appearance > Editor Search for
“.entry-header .comments-link” Then where it says margin-top: change those
numbers until you have the distance you want. That’s it. As always, when
you making changes to your theme, it’s a good idea to copy the code into a
notepad file as a backup, that way if you make a mistake you can copy back
in the original code Hope this helps. If not let me know

Gina Palha says:

Great video! Do you know how to bring “leave a reply” closer to the blog
post title?

Mariana Rochelt says:

Thankyou for the video! A great explanation of how to use wordpress and
this template!!!!! I´m very thankfull!!!!

Create Market Grow says:

Glad you like Rob. I appreciate the comment, it’s my first one!

Create Market Grow says:

Hi Mariana, Thanks so much, it always motivates me to do more knowing I’m
helping, so your comment is much appreciated. Ryan

Create Market Grow says:

Hi Deanne, thanks for your comment. With your question, it’s actually
pretty easy to setup! Go to the post you want and where the editing options
at the top are, on the first row, go two in from the left, you’ll see the
option for “Insert More Tag” (if you hover your mouse over the items it
will tell you what they are). Simply put the cursor where you want to break
the content, then click the insert more tag button. Hope this helps, If
not, let me know and I’ll try to explain it better.

Gina Palha says:

Thank you so much! It was really helpful and I was able to do it!

Create Market Grow says:

Jo, thanks so much for the thumbs up and the nice comment. Much
appreciated! I feel your pain with the Google updates, I know all to well
the effects their changes have had on traffic to some of my sites!! Just
out out of interest, are you using WordPress for your e-commerce site?

Create Market Grow says:

Hi Kiplimo, Thanks for your comment and I’m glad your found it useful.
Much appreciated.

Create Market Grow says:

You’re welcome, glad it helped.

Create Market Grow says:

Hey Tom, Thanks for the thumbs up on my video, much appreciated! I
accidentally deleted you comment, sorry about that. With regards to not
seeing the comment section on your main blog page, this theme, (in fact all
themes) is designed not to show the comment section on your blog page.
Every time you add a new post, the blog page is going to change. So themes
don’t allow comments on the main blog page. Hope this helps, If not, let me
know and I’ll try to explain it better. All the best, Ryan

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