How to Customize Your WordPress Theme

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Learn how to edit almost any part of your WordPress theme! Hex Color Code Generator:


Kerim Timirbulatov says:

What about editing the actual elements rather than styles, for example i
have a default warning message: “Sorry no posts yet” I want to change or
translate it to my language, how do i do that?

João Tomaz says:

Thank you 🙂 just clicked on your adds 😉 

Ethio must says:

wow u r so sweet;thank u very much

Luisinho Productions says:

Awesome Vid Lisa! I changed the color of my menu tab and also the code on
the editor style sheets, but for some reason when I use a different
Internet browser for example chrome, it was still the same. And I check the
codes on chrome and it was the same as firefox just that the appearance
wasn’t changing. Please help. 

Paola Bueso says:

Excellent tutorial! Thanks for posting!

Daithi J says:

Thank you, great video and very easy to follow :-)

Oren Sharon says:

can’t find the code in the style.css, any idea ? 

Keith Jarvis says:

Great tips. Thanks!

Oren Sharon says:


RapViet TV says:

Thank you!

BlawtheLegend says:

Great vid, I needed this! 

Duc Nguyen says:

Very clear instruction. Easy, short, concise… Thank you very much

Cool Tony says:

Excellent! Thanks Lisa

Asad Siddiqi says:

Nice Video. Instead of modifying Stylesheet you should modify an overriden
subset of the stylesheet with a custom css plugin or child theme.
With what you are doing, any theme update is going to result in loss of all
your work. 

Michel Lara says:

amazingly well explained so that everyone can understand including
Thanks for your work

José Pablo Salas says:

Thanks Lisa, this video has been very helpful says:

Thank you Lisa, this was very helpful.

Farid Ahadoff says:

Awesome. Many thanks!

neville tahmo says:

you rock !!! thanks 

Imtiaz Protik says:


zlatintin says:

Great Video!!!!
Can you please explain how I can delete sections from the chosen theme,
that I do not need?

Jamiethecomic says:

OMG! I brought a theme for my website and asked if it was possible to
change. He said it was impossible to change… DAMN I HAVE NOT ONLY PROVED

Tony Nicholas says:

you took my work to a whole new level… thank you 

Ayoub Wissam says:

thanks now i have understood ….

Catherin Emerson says:

Thank you SO much! I’ve been trying to customize my theme and pulling my
hair out in frustration. Your video actually made this make sense for me
finally! Now I’m off to download Firefox :)

Chris Perello says:

This is so awesome! You are so helpful. I have been getting so frustrated
with my wordpress and now I know how to go into the code and edit my site!
Thank you so much!!

CouponFrenzy says:

Awesome video, very useful. Downloading firefox next…!

Zeeebreee says:

Great job…I am new to building a website and started doing code academy
for html and I love using wordpress. it is vary good training.
Also … thanks for the tip on backing up files… got a special folder for
that reason only.

Rudie Mac says:


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