How to edit wordpress theme using Dreamweaver ?

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If you are wondering how you can edit your wordpress theme using Dream weaver then this short tutorial might help your need , Please feel free to comment for any queries.
Please read article @ for more information.



Alphonse Carter says:

I uderstand bringing in dynamic elements like the Header, footer, sidebar
I can only see that on the index page, I cant see the Contact form,
Portfolio, Archive, single page post. I get an error. how can I edit the
rest of the site?

Mafr0 says:

Thanks for the info!

Anton Hinxman says:

Do the same but use TurnKeyLinux (raw LAMP or complete with WordPress) on a
network machine plus install a SAMBA file share for the /var/www directory.
This way you do not need WAMP and the share also works for your Mac
developers in the same office. When done you can backup to Amazon S3 and
put the whole thing on a VPS via restore. Highly recommend.

Lindsay Aquilina says:

Very interesting video indeed :)) When switching to live view, do the
changes take place in real time? I a currently re-vamping a website that
runs on wordpress, and I would like to create a working mock up for the
client. I have a mirrored version of the website on my own computer so that
I can make this mok up work. The live view simplifies a lot of work,
however I do not want the changes to effect the current website. Tnx 

Guy-Paul Mitchell-Dwelly says:

Oh well I didn’t know this was for PC…back to the drawing board!

sanjay abraham says:

how to install wamp?

Melissa Avila-Posada says:

Hello Technophileshub, everything goes perfect untill i click on
Discover… it shows error and says retry but it keeps without working. Any
advises? What should I do? What’s wrong? Thanks a lot!

Technophileshub says:

Hi Aloum, Yes it is possible to edit theme using instant wordpress as well.
please read our article at technophileshub for more info and if you still
have any question let us know.

Technophileshub says:

Hi David, It must work through FTP buddy, I didn’t get the reason why its
not working for you. Anyways can you give one more try by following site
setup as it was shown in video and additionally add your site FTP setup and
make it as remote server and local server as testing one ( check boxes ).
If it didn’t work let me know, I will upload a video on it. Have a great

TraverseinConverse says:

I’ve tried to do this as well but it doesn’t work. Since it’s via FTP what
would I put for my local site folder and the root directory for the servers?

gravics says:

Thank you. Sharing your knowledge has been a great help to me. My approach
was limited, yours is better.

Chris Storrer says:

The perfect video for learning how to edit WordPress with Dreamweaver.
Thank you, Pavan!

Technophileshub says:

Thanks Chris for your kind words 🙂

Alfredo Astort says:

really good thanks!

gnfb says:

Thank you very much that was extremely helpful very clear easy to follow I
really appreciate your time

Technophileshub says:

Hi Humberto, It can be edited and fatal error can be the reason for many
things. Please ensure that you turned on live view and at the same time
please check if you have maintained site specific code hints or not. Hope
this helps. Thank you.

Technophileshub says:

There are 4 different softwares bud, but they are specific to operating
system. LAMP = Linux Apache MySQL PHP which is for Linux Operating system
WAMP = Windows Apache MySQL PHP which is for Windows Operating system MAMP
= Mac Apache MySQL PHP which is for Mac operating system XAMPP = Cross
Apache MySQL PHP Perl which is for all the 4 platforms and perl is an

Chad Fletcher says:

What mouse are you using… i really like the click sound it makes?

Jocelyne Vince says:

Excellent video! It worked! Thank you very much for this tutorial!

Technophileshub says:

David, You have to install local server like WAMP or XAMPP for that. I
asked you to do so because there is a possibility that your actual file
may get replaced when you are trying to test your changes.

bromarcon says:

you know that’s a term of respect, right? bigotry fail? retardation
perhaps? -100 internets 4 u

abdul loum says:

am using instant wordpress, can i still edit it with dream weaver. I
followed all the steps but cant find the index.php file

Кыргызстан says:


Ihab Salman says:

Thank you very much

Nicholas Vosdoganis says:

Very helpful! Thank you!

Technophileshub says:

The reason why it will say retry is because with the present settings of
your server it could not discover. Most probably either you have updated
wrong settings or your server is turned off ( wamp or xampp must be enabled

Technophileshub says:

Hi Joseph, I am not the Pavan you met 🙂

duckrogers007 says:

In Dreamweaver you must specifie remote server, and it should connect fine,
BUT, on your hosting acount check for remote IP access to enable you remote
live access to server. I had the problem with that, and managed to connect
and edit live server version.

Technophileshub says:

ha ha lol. No buddy , It was the click sound added digitally by camtasia.

pawndominance1 says:

do you need WAMP or MAMP to do it?

Humberto Carlberg says:

technophileshub, the index.php on themes folder could not be edited, its
right? always give me the faltal error on get header like your video.

Technophileshub says:

It is english madam if you don’t know 🙂

Dave Yo says:

What if I want to edit a wordpress that’s already online on my server? I
tried connecting it via FTP but it didn’t work…can you show us?

Joseph M Gomez says:

Hey Pavan remember Joe n Valerie @ Extended Stay America in 2011?

Chris Storrer says:

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