How to Install a WordPress Theme on GoDaddy

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A tutorial on how to make a website with wordpress through GoDaddy’s hosting plan.

Step 1: Register account and make blog site on
Step 2: Buy wordpress theme on
Step 3: Buy domain and hosting plan from
Step 4: Set up domain in godaddy hosting panel
Step 5: Install wordpress app in godaddy hosting panel for domain
Step 6: Wait for email linking to www.[your website].com/wp-admin/
Step 7: Upload and extract wordpress theme onto godaddy FTP server
Step 8: Follow www.[your website].com/wp-admin/ and install theme in wordpress
Step 9: Begin building your website

Shot and edited by Kraig Adams of and

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Elena Eleftheriou says:

Followed the tutorial still hasn’t appeared on the theme dashboard in
wordpress! :S

Joshua Sinclair says:
julian hick says:

Excellent, couldn’t have done it with out you !! 

shuhrat says:

very useful. thanks!

TheDayzgirl says:

Thank you for this video. I had already signed up for domain and hosting
wiht GoDaddy but they sold me on ‘Managed WordPress’…now they have no
clue on how to upload a theme I bought on Themeforest. Are there different
instructions for Managed WordPress? It’s driving me nuts!!!

Zack K says:

Great video! Is there any chance of you remaking this tutorial? It seems
like in every GoDaddy tutorial video I watch their layout is always
significantly different. So trying to figure out how to relate the past to
the present is rough when first starting out. Thanks for your time.

Y Kal says:

Thank you so much for your video it was extremely helpful. 

Zoe El says:

GREAT VIDEO!!! You made it very clear and easy to understand!!! Can’t wait
to get started!!! :)

Natalie Caron says:

Just enjoyed so much the clarity, the tone of voice and the check list.
Great tutorial and definitly gifted teacher !..

Rich Tanuvasa says:

u uploaded themeforest to godaddy but in the end you went to the wordpress
website went to appearance>theme>new theme sorry really new to this lol
Uploading the theme to would have the new theme show up on I want the theme to be in so I choose it. 

BHeartM says:

Hi… i want to follow your tutorial… however I just have one question…
in wordpress would i be able to add a section to the form for the users to
upload pictures… so that I can receive the pictures to process their
order? Please let me know.. if u have a tutorial for that?

Tadia SoCdno says:

Is it possible to use a WordPress theme from with
GoDaddy shopping cart?

Lenny Lopez says:

Help please i can’t get my new Crevision Word Press Theme to upload 🙁 i
keeps saying failed

Dana Nobles says:

Is there another way to upload a theme onto WP or GoDaddy? I do not see the
tab for file manager on my GoDaddy screen. Is there a way to directly
upload onto WP?

Am I just completely looking over the Upload File/FTP tab on GoDaddy?

Regys Mene says:

very good explanation, thank you

Charity White says:

this video was so helpful. Thanks a million!! Worked perfect!

Hai D. Nguyen says:

Thank you. Very helpful!

April Hart says:

this really helped. It made it visually easy. 

iRobotGamingTv says:

I wanted to upload my theme via WordPress instead of Go Daddy, But “Add
New” isnt showing up. Do I have to have hosting for it to show up so I can
upload my theme through WordPress?

Michelle McGinnis says:

Thank you! Awesome tutorial! 

Jeanne Canto says:

It never asked me to add any login

Dom Garza says:

thanks bro!

Jethro Black says:

I extracted it – all the files appear there – but it’s not on my WordPress
site. Am I stupid?

momomany9 says:

So, let’s say I already have my domain through godaddy, and have already
installed a theme into my wordpress account. I’m not going to be setting up
a new account for anything. Is it possible to get the theme set up again,
but using godaddy this time? I have several issues with use right now and
want to know if this is going to help me. 

Kristine Kelly says:

great video. i did the exact same thing. theme still will not show up in
WP. I’ve made sure no files are nested in other folders…help?

Wedding Film School says:

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