How To Install WordPress Plugins and Themes – WordPress Tutorial

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Technologyguru77 says:

Learn how to Install WordPress Plugins and Themes

Devora Clark says:

I don’t have plugins in my wordpress menu bar under appearance. How do I
add plugins in the menu?


Thank you……

Rezz909 says:

What do you suggest would be a good theme for playing and downloading
music, pictures and videos? I like the drag and drop of thesis but what
would you recommend?

Kevin Hong says:

Hello, my current admin panel doesn’t show the “+” to add a custom theme.
I’m using, is this correct? How did you get this to be an
option for you?

DutchPizzaGaming says:

i don’t have a plugins butten

Wanderlust says:

a good tutorial

SalesMena says:

nice one 🙂 you must be a radio presenter . . . you got the voice :)

Sherrie Noble says:

Do you have anything on installing affiliate links? I’m thining the big
sites, starting with Amazon? 

Ava Mitchell says:

i dont have the plugin button

Nedjma Ammar says:

If I don’t have the option “plugin” on my wordpress admin, what does that
mean? How can I get to actually have this plugin option somewhere on my

Feuza Reis says:

HELP, we installed virtue theme, free version and activated it but the main
domain does not show the active theme as we picked and customize, am I
missing a step? HELP

Leonardo Reis says:

I don’t have those options in WordPress for installing a Theme (like the
How can I get them?

Ciera Fleming says:

Please add more to this series. They’re very helpful and informative.

Jeanice Cabale says:


Skylightatdusk says:

I am learning WP using the free version. I do not even have the ‘Plugins’
option on the dashboard under ‘appearance’.

—> How can I get it to show please?

(BTW, if it is not possible, will it appear automatically when I use it
through a hosting account?)

James Richmond says:

What’s your website name on WordPress?

Leonardo Reis says:

No “chose file” :(

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